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Kihaia i-Fhurai t'Khnialmnae, born in the city of Fhurai to Elienn and Gelen. Her mother, Elienn, was a military analyst, often spending her time away from home and working extremely hard. Her father was in the ship building business, working on military vessels. Since his work was usually always happening in the same place, he spent much more time with Kihaia than her mother did. Both of her parents received substantially high schooling and were therefor quite intelligent. They tried to pass this onto their daughter. The family lived rather well, being comfortably rich but not so much that they appeared to be part of higher society. Her parents occupations molded her attitude quite a bit. Her father's job majorly influenced her career choices that she would make in the future. On the other hand, her mother's job influenced the way she thought. She isn't afraid to get a little dirty, both physically and metaphorically speaking. Despite the fact that her mother wasn't around much, both of her parents cared for her quite a lot. This was passed down onto Kihaia, making her a caring person aswell. However, she didn't know a lot of people as she was growing up and this has made her slightly distant. She stills tries hard to hold tight onto those she does know, but she does so privately.

While Kihaia was born in Fhurai, she did not grow up there. She spent most of the time she was growing up, in a small city on a planet near the outer regions of the Rihannsu Star Empire. This city was reasonably large, but mostly contained residential and recreational facilities for military personell. Also the location for a minor shipyard (where her father worked), the city saw a lot of military activity. Because of this, Kihaia grew up with a military atmosphere around her. This mildly influenced her personallity, but she was far from a military brat since her father was not really in the military.

Kihaia is a reasonably strong hearted and honorable person. She is often slightly distant and private, which can lead to some problems. She also has a large phobia that she has not been able to get over.


Kihaia's childhood was a quiet one. She went through school as a quiet, shy girl who didn't have a lot of friends. The only person her age that she was close to was young girl who was also part of the s'Khnialmnae house. The only major event that happened in her childhood was when she was out on a large hunting trip. Being the quiet and distant girl that she was, it wasn't hard for people to not even notice she was there. So when she was seperated from the group, it took a little time for her father to notice. Sadly, during the time, Kihaia had followed a small bird out into a large, open field. Not long after she arrived there, she felt the ground start to shake and what sounded like thunder. It was only minutes later that she saw the hundred or so large animals bearing down on her at an incredible speed. Her young mind quickly registered the stampede and she dropped down into a ball, terrified of what was heading her way. The stampede arrived at her location only a minute later. Dirt was thrown up into the air, reducing her vision. To her, she saw extremely large animals running by her, only inches from hitting her. Some even seemed to take bites at her, others tried to swipe her. However, that didn't happen, the animals simply ran past her. Her young mind conjured up these images, due to her fear and the dust playing with her vision. She was still curled up in a ball 20 minutes later when her father discovered her. It took her quite a while, but she managed to recover from the incident and get back to what life she had. The incident did leave a mark in her mind though, causing her to freeze in terror any time she saw a large animal with sharp teeth and claws.

Kihaia has spent most of her life with her father, she loved him dearly and was often seen around his work place. While it was dangerous for a young girl to hang around a shipyard, most of the people working there found her to be a nice change from the constant work of building and repairing ships. After spending enough time in such a place, a person starts to learn things here and there, as Kihaia did. She was facinated, as she watched ships start out as a collection of bulkheads, turn into a fully fuctional vessel capable of faster than light travel. She would watch as workers installed power relays here, consoles there, environmental systems, navigation, engines, communications. She watched it all with the facination that only a child can have. The workers didn't mind her pressence, infact they often idly explained to her what they were doing. Her father was the most helpful though. Not only did he tell her what he was doing, but he would often teach her to do things, let her get involved. It wasn't long before Kihaia started helping her father with his work. This increased the bond that the two shared and would greatly influence her future. Her mother on the other hand, was rarely around. Everyone in her family hated this, but her work was just too important. Those times that she was at home, she would spend most of it with her daughter. Eventually this grew to include a little teaching about what she did.

As Kihaia grew older, her talents started to surface. She was often the top of her class in subjects such as mathematics, physics and so forth. However, her writing skills were not something to brag about. She often had trouble with writing reports, fiction, anything that involved written words. This would often cause trouble for her, but even then, she tried her best to keep going. Around this time, Kihaia had come to know an old man who lived several houses down from her. He had lost his entire family and was getting close to death himself. He enjoyed Kihaia's company and decided to teach her his ways. He was infact an artist, an extremely good one. He taught Kihaia all that he knew. She became quite an expert drawer and felt very grateful to the man who had taught her. So when he passed away, she used all the money she had earned to give him the burial that she thought he deserved.

When she was in her late teens, something very unusual happened to Kihaia. She was suddenly found outside of a hospital, a large cut across her chest. She was rushed to emergency and the doctors fixed her up as best they could. No body knew what had happened and nobody understood how she could have survived the cut. Kihaia's memory was also failing to give answers, she could remember nothing that happened and had no idea how she got cut. While the doctors did the best they could, the cut did leave a rather large scar. The scar starts near her right shoulder, goes in a diagonal direction down through the middle of her chest and finishes up on the left side of her body, near her waist. Kihaia is rather embarrased about this scar and because of it, she hasn't gotten close to anyone since she got it.%r%rKihaia continued to study with her father and her love for starships continued to grow. Her father was surprised when she told him that she planned to join the Galae as soon as she thought she was ready to do so. However, both her parents supported her decision.


Kihaia is a good drawer and would often use her ability to relax. She also uses it to think. She would manifest any problems she has as images that she drew, then she would use those images to figure out a solution. Kihaia is very private about her ability though, rarely showing her drawings to anyone except the old man. Even after he passed away, Kihaia continued to draw and still does when she gets a chance.

Kihaia's phobia of large animals causes a lot of problems when she's on the surface. She'll often freeze up in terror when she sees one, no matter what she is doing. It's extremely hard for her to control this and it usually takes her some time to recover. It's another reason why she wanted to join the Galae, so she could leave the surface and travel in space, away from large animals.

Kihaia is usually a kind and caring person, but she doesn't show it that often since she remains fairly distant. She has also learned to hide her feelings quite well, so even if she is lonely at heart, she will usually keep a smile on her face. She is an honorable person who is very loyal to those close to her. She is prone to following orders without hessitation, but she does like to completely understand her orders, causing her to ask questions.


A young woman who appears to be in her mid 20's. She looks a little like a human in appearance, but her most noticeable feature at first glance is her small pointy ears, dismissing the human theory. She has jet black hair, which reaches half way down the back of her neck. Some of her hair is tucked in behind her ears and sometimes gets free, causing the woman to shift the hair back. Hey eyes are an unusual colour, cyan, which contrasts slightly with her slightly jovial attitude. Her nose and mouth are a little small, the latter usually found in a small hint of a smile. As for the rest of her body, she is about 5'4 inches tall and has a slim build. She doesn't appear to be very strong but she could be quite agile. Her legs however seem to be rather strong and with her light weight, she would probably make a good runner. Her chest is slightly noticeable but then who's looking. She seems to be a fairly fit woman and even though she is a little small, she has a look about her that would make most think twice about taking her on.

At the moment, she is wearing a nice grey tunic with black trimming, grey trousers. They fit her quite well and show off her body slightly, but still provide freedom of movement. Around her waist is black belt, which is ten centimeters wide. On her feet are a pair of black combat boots, on her hands are a pair of black gloves and on her head is a gold, tritanium helmet. There is a cobalt-mesh sash worn over her right shoulder, having one stripe and being blue. On the sash you see the following pins:

O                            * * *                         *(+)* 
                                                            * *

-Timeline History-

7th-January-2005: Finished at the academy, arrived onboard the Hvei'knenn.