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Affiliation: Romulan
Class: G2
Location: Alpha+ 30:31:07

X: 0.00
Y: 0.00
Z: 0.00

Surface Gravity: 30.100 G
Surface Temperature: 5800 K
Mean Density: 1498 kg/m
Luminosity: 3.67 x 10^26 W
Volume: 2.7 Gm
Core Temperature: 20,000,000 K
Satellites of note: Ch'Vall
Companion Stars: none


Kosnr is an unremarkable star. Its luminosity, surface temperature, core temperature, and even surface gravity are right on the median value for G2 stars. It is a yellow star, burning hydrogen at a rate of 4.3 million metric tons per second. Hydrogen and calcium are present, as well as a wide variety of metals (most notably iron). Sunspot activity indicates that it is in the quiescent phase of its cycle, which should repeat, on average, every 13.8 years.


Kosnr's average nature extends into the realm of its satellites. Rocky planets in the inner orbits give way to gas giants further out, eventually giving way to comets and dark spatial debris. Thirteen comets have been charted and mapped, ranging in size from that of a grain of sand to that of a small moon.

Kosnr does support one M-class planet, but holds nothing else of value. The rocky planets are all poor in minerals and too unstable to attach colonies.