Kristal Lockhart

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Kristal Lockhart is an orphan whose parent died when she was seven. She doesn't remember them much, but she remembers her foster father well. He was an abusive man, and Kristal ran away from home at the age of eleven to escape him. She joined a street gang and acquired money by selling cans, picking up what people dropped and other legal methods. When she turned 16, she left her home colony and travelled to Earth. There, she enrolled in a school and was able to graduate in three years due to hard work on her part. Once she had her diploma, she applied for StarFleet as a security officer. Now she is Chief of Security on the USS Tardis, where she tries to make up for the injustices in her life. She has recently gained access to her memories of her parents through a mind meld. She learned that the 'accident' that killed her parents was really a murder. The murderer has not yet been caught.

Kristal's logs can be found at Kristal's logs