Lead Pipe of Mottos

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The glorious Lead Pipe of Mottos is a lead pipe, but not just any ordinary lead pipe. Like most lead pipes, it has the ability to type at a rate beyond any human (seriously, when you need something typed up, don't hire a secretary, hire a lead pipe). Like most lead pipes, it runs the latest version of Slackware Linux on all of its PCs. But unlike most lead pipes, it is capable of regurgitating mottos and distributing random beatings with ruthless efficency and charm.

Perhaps some italics would be appropriate. Ruthless efficency and charm.

The Lead Pipe of Mottos, in all its functional glory, was coded by Othic on one of his more lucid days. It is spiritually similar to tiR's Wheel of Advice, except the wheel has seldom been known to beat the bejeezus out of the deserving and undeserving alike, and, of course, the Wheel is made much less cool by the fact that it shamelessly advertises the name of the creator every time it does anything.

The Lead Pipe of Mottos can be found, twenty-four hours a day, on the Iron_Fist channel. Its commands are simple.

  • Pipe, motto distributes a motto.
  • Pipe, beat <name> lays down the law on some poor mo-fo's ass.
  • Pipe, add motto <motto> adds a motto, but, then, you're not Wilco or Othic so that knowledge is of no use to you.