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Leirnn ir-Alkhia t'Vriehu

  • DOB: 1721 A.S.
  • Division: Civilian
  • Hfihar Duty: Hru'Hfirh
  • Empirical Rank: Llaugh
  • Status: Single

Leirnn is also an NPC, the replacement for Taev. Again, Probably not worthy of her own entry into TOSwiki, but she's important to s'Vriehu, and s'Vriehu is important to the Romulans, and the Romulans are important to TOS TrekMUSE, and somewhere are 2 more steps before you get to Kevin Bacon.

Background & History:

Leirnn t'Vriehu is the first daughter of N'alae t'Vriehu's youngest sister, Liurr'eih t'Vriehu. Being a possible blood-successor for s'Vriehu, Leirnn was sheltered fairly early in life, especially by her mother, who was considerably more affectionate than N'alae. Her education began young, educated by the hfihar's best minds, in all aspects of society. Naturally, this all lead to her being a highly spoiled child, and she grew up thinking she had the run of the Hfihar, and could do no wrong.

Patience by other members of the hfihar began to wear thin eventually, as Leirnn entered adolescence. A new lesson focus was added to her curriculum at home, namely discipline. Her first lesson was a harsh one, handed to her by Rianov s'Vriehu, S'Kard tr'Vriehu. Upon return from a lengthy and exhausting duty along the Klivam border, he found Leirnn in the Manse study, his favorite place to unwind while home, and she had been evidently 'redecorating' it to suit her play needs. Young Leirnn was found in the fields for many ten-days after that, and the Manse's walls and floors began to shine with a mysterious vigorous cleaning. This was the beginning of Leirnn's distaste of the Rianov, and other members of the Hfihar that promoted the discipline.

Shortly after, Leirnn's mother was convinced that it would best suit Leirnn, and the interest of the Hfihar, if her education was continued in academic institutions earlier than typical. Time away from her sheltered life at the manse made many improvements on Leirnn's work ethic, and hardened her spirit. She became more self-dependent, and excelled in her studies, especially Empirical Law and Government Structures. Leirnn became deeply engrossed in Praetorate proceedings, and soon returned home to begin an aprrenticeship under Taev tr'Vriehu, the famed Deihu of the Lower Senate, and constant annoyance of the Upper Senate, when s'Vriehu was granted Nobility.

During her apprenticeship, it was soon evident that her ideology and Taev's contrasted severely. They were often found arguing in the halls of the Manse over s'Vriehu's standing on senate matters. To Taev. these were just amusing debates in his older age, the continued education of the younger stubborn woman. Leirnn, however, stubbornly continued to no end, to the point of picking up points that opposed Taev's simply for the sake of opposing him. As was his style, Taev only treasured this more, infuriating Leirnn.

Sooner than expected, however, Leirnn's skills were to be tested. With the consecutive deaths of Aerei and Ishara t'Vriehu, and Taev's resistance to assuming the Hru'hfirh role due to his age, it was placed on the shoulders of Leirnn, then only 27 years of age, due to her direct bloodline. Although it was obvious that she was under the ever-watchful guidance of Taev, she was left to do as she felt necessary, including continuing her role as s'Vriehu's representative in the Senate. Trial by Elemental Fire, as Taev would say. Leirnn was forced to face the greatest leaders in the Empire on a daily basis, and she did indeed learn quickly. Her attitude and stubborness eventually started to wear, although there are still frequent shouting matches in the middle of the night between herself and Taev, before his death, and S'Kard when he is home from duty, all of legendary proportions.