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Tired of that nasty lag at the login screen? There is a solution in sight! (This information was provided by long time MUSE admin tiResias.)

Basically, the issue is that after making a connection, TOS is requesting information from your computer to verify the connection has been made. It makes this request on the ident port, or port 113. When your computer receives this request, it sends back a success packet and the connection screen is shown.

Unfortunately, most new routers and firewalls run in a stealth mode where ports do not reply to packets, but instead just drops 'em out. TOS will still connect without receiving the packet from port 113, but it takes somewhere around 120 seconds, or 2 minutes.

The solution is easy. Forward port 113 from the net to your own computer on your local network as TCP. This should fix it for you.

For more information on ident, take a look at http://grc.com/port_113.htm

Letters from satisfied users:

I tried Othic's 'Lag-B-Gon' cream and my lag just .. disappeared! Like magic! D, Federation Admin