Lost Road

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The Lost Road is a bar/restaurant in the civilian section of the ChH Rokhelh'Ael, on deck 6. It is a common location for social enjoyment amongst Romulan players, whether they are Galae, RHA, Sherau'khfi, or general civilians.

The bar is owned by tr'Mitar, an ageless fellow who will bend over backwards to fulfill his patron's needs, although he can get a little gruff sometimes. There is an upper balcony section referred to as the 'Loft', which is typically a lot quieter than the bar below, and is a popular location for secretive discussions amongst players plotting RomEvil (tm) on fellow players.

The bar itself has been the focal point of many disturbances, particularly involving Galae personnel starting fights with RHA personnel, or civilians, or themselves if bored enough. It is an unofficial right of passage for the more notable Galae command officers to have been thrown out or temporarily banned from the bar by tr'Mitar at some point in their careers. Graphiti on the walls is also commonplace, usually in the form of rumours, or disgruntled customers.

Basically, back in the day when TOS was more active, if a Rom player was looking for some action, and there was none to be found on ship, they would definately find some trouble to get into at the Lost Road.