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MacGyver is the creator, owner and operator of TOS TrekMUSE, which he will be the first to tell you (if you can actually find him) is currently the oldest continually-running Star Trek MU** on the internet.

Mac is many things. Brilliant, creative, tempermental, clever, humorous, controlling, despotic, vindictive. In his real life, he's a high-muckety-muck in the realm of computer programming, and (if you happen to manage to talk to him) will not hesitate to boast of how much money he has made exploiting the same outstanding talents he used to create TOS in more practical, real-world pursuits. Some reports have suggested that he was involved in the development of Mosaic, one of the earliest web browser programs, and the earliest versions of Netscape. He's a very, very smart guy who has done, and continues to do, some very important things with computers.

And, going back to 1991 or 1992, he created TOS.

TOS, in Mac's words, is "MY game, run MY way." His style at times has rubbed many people the wrong way, and he was not always very well liked among the MU** community on the internet. Personality conflicts between Mac and some of his directors have led to some serious problems for TOS, and is probably one of the reasons he ultimately decided not to appoint any new directors. His attitude and approach to running the game contributed to what many former players considered an overly restrictive admin culture on TOS.

Mac is very protective of the code he created for TOS, which is both unique and innovative, and he is reluctant to grant anyone else anything approaching access to it. Unfortunately, while Mac was once relatively intensely involved in the day-to-day running of TOS, and in the beginning was even the director of the Federation, for many years now his RL has been too busy for him to be too deeply involved in the game. He continues to provide the support and resources to keep the game operational, but TOS has undergone several years of stagnation in part because Mac is no longer very involved in the game and has not delegated sufficient power and authority to those who are.

You can read a bit about Mac's real life here:

May 30th, 2002: MacGyver makes a rare appearance.

Official Broadcast from MacGyver: "By virtue of the power vested in me, by me, 
TinySex is no longer banned on TOS."
Diax laughs.
[Federation] AnneLions: <SFA Commandant> What kind of assignment is it?
[Federation] Diax laughs.
[Federation] Diax has joined this channel.
[public] Diax has joined this channel.
[public] Diax: <SuperCow> Figures.. and I already had the mirrors taken out of my quarters..
[Federation] Finn: A medical terminology assignment
[Federation] AnneLions: <SFA Commandant> Ah.
[public] m'Irez: What is TinySex Mac?
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> If you have to ask, you don't want to know the answer. :)
Thu May 30 00:29:41 2002
[public] m'Irez: Oh I do, just want to clear up :)
[public] Diax: <SuperCow> If Wilco was here, he might show you, m'Irez.
[public] AnneLions blinks, "Oooh, Mac on? Wow..."
[Federation] Warner: <Die Another Day> I don't think an audiologist is a doctor
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Naah. I'm just Mac's evil twin Cam.
[public] AnneLions laughs.
[public] Warner: <TOS Doomsday Clock - 3 mins. away!> Advise me on Mac's evil twin
[public] tiR's wheel of Advice: Take your boom box to the beach.
[public] Warner nods.
[public] AnneLions: Okay...
[public] m'Irez: And play show tunes on it
[public] AnneLions: Noooo!
[public] m'Irez: So tinysex is cyber then?
[public] Diax: <SuperCow> That's cruel and unusual.
[public] Warner listens to the MacGyver theme song
[public] m'Irez: I am nothing if not Cruel and unusual
[public] Diax: <SuperCow> This is true enough.
[public] m'Irez: lol, I just started playing that too warner
[public] AnneLions has never heard it...
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Advise me on idiocy.
[public] tiR's wheel of Advice: Rain on someone's parade.
[public] AnneLions chuckles.
[public] Warner: <TOS Doomsday Clock - 3 mins. away!> Heh.

MacGyver is, for fairly obvious reasons, TOS's oldest player virtually by definition. This makes him TOS's oldest active least, it would if he was still active enough to count. Still, he is admired and respected, not least because he finally did allow TSing and because he can clearly put a hell of a MUSE together. He was also the first Federation Director, although, technically, is he a director if he's the ultimate god of the whole MUSE?

MacGyver shows up again on March 10, 2005!

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