MacGyver March 10 2005

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While Othic's computer is locked up:
Official Broadcast from MacGyver: "Sheesh...lots of people playing. :)"
My (Othic's) computer locks up, five minutes later I come log back into TOS.. and this:
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> as opposed to the one you do that in now?
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> are still alive. Freak.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> don't aggitate him, they'll have to sedate him again, like last time.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Holy crap.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> that's because I'm a month younger than you ;)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> A month eh? When's your birthday?
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> 4/20
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> My computer crashes and Mac logs in while I'm gone. Wow. :)
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> wait, that's next month.. ;)
[public] Kre'Leth: We'll have to crash your comp more often if it makes him login. ;)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Not quite a month...more like a couple of weeks.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> I guess. :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> he planned it that way, the first part of the conversation was all about you,
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> jesus, when did it become mid-march?
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Tends to happen that way.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> about 'Jesus, when did it become mid 2000?
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> And you call me senile? All you Ohioans are alike...couldn't
even figure out how to vote in the last election.
[public] S'Kard is still wondering what happened to the 90's
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> hey now! I ain't never been, or will I ever be, from Ohio :)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I'm still wondering what happened to 'my' Internet. :)
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We took it over.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> it was replaced by Everquest droolbies.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I still remember the day they allowed AOLers to email people on
the Internet...and when they started logging in here.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> that was the beginning of the end of society. Giving AOL'rs global access.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Tir...Ohio,'s all the same. :)
[public] Kre'Leth: The sad thing is, here in England AOL is the best dialup ISP.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> I remember bemoaning the "commercialization" of the internet. and that's how
I make money now ;)
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> tiR is a Nabraskan.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Canada=North North Dakota.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Nebraska...that's not even a state, just a football team.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And not a great one.
[public] tiResias shrugs, "I live outside of Boston now anyway"
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> And of course, home of Oral Roberts University...and live
deity wrestling in your living room.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> favorite city in the States...I'll be there in a
few weeks actually.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> tiR lived in Missouri for a while, so that makes up for Nebraska.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> no, I lived in Kansas ;)
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Nevermind then. Kansas is worse. :)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Youd be amazed at what a quarter will get you in Kansas
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> maybe Boston will thaw by the time you get out here
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Chicago isn't doing much better's snowing right
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Heh. MacGyver is just comming on TV right now.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> thaw? we don't know that term in Rochester NY. Unless you refer to our 2-week
long summers.
[public] Othic listens to the theme song.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> they're thorwing around the term "nor'easter" for this weekend again
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> it started here yesterday
[public] S'Kard finally scraped the driveway down to pavement, and now it starts up again.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> I saw a spot of the lawn out my office window monday, and then rain turned
to freezing rain, turned to 6" of snow ;)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> where outside of Boston are you?
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> You know, I'm a celebrity on television these days...well, not
really, but I've been on television a few times recently. :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> are you counting the porn channels?
[public] Othic chuckles.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You're more then a celebrity. I think Wilco put it best when he said we are a cult
around here.. with you as the top guy. :)
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> I'm more or less in central Mass.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> right, which kinda implies Mac is like David Koresh (sp?)
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Higher.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> my office is right off of 495
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The old Directors are like David Koresh. :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Charlie Manson?
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> the Pope? ;]
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The Pope maybe.
[public] S'Kard has driven by your office a few times then tiR. ;]
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Maybe more like Zeus. :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Zeus had a BFH though.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> we're just a few miles north of the mess that is I-495 meeting the mass pike
[Federation] Othic: <Non-Newbie, Coffee!> Too bad not many people are logged in to see some Mac activity. :(
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> that was probably the fastest killing of a conversation with Mac as there ever
has been.
[public] Othic is good at killing conversations.
[public] Kre'Leth is too.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> apparently no one else has tried getting on or off the pike at I-495 ;)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> last time I went through, they were doing some work on it. Ended up using 295
to cut north.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> but yeah, it's always been a mess during heavy traffic. The business loop in
Roch is pretty bad though, 495 was a vacation in comparison.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> ironically, the loop is 490, an extension of I-90 ;]
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> yeah, I've been by there ;)
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> go figure, driving cross-country to get here ;)
[public] S'Kard drives all over. new england, midwest, wherever. IN the end, it's all the same, just the
smells of livestock changes.
[public] MacGyver is onedir Who me? Earth...planet I was on. :)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Naah, I just had to hop into a meeting.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> So we didn't kill the conversation? Woo! :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> is it more effective if you 'hop' and not 'stroll with detemination' ?
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> only stroll with determination if you're backed by stormtroopers
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> *determination even
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> good point
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> ...and cool theme music when you enter.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Alright, we need to do a reboot. Think the Feddies are gonna
hate me? :)
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yes.
[public] T'Lara shake-fist!
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We don't like reboots.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Reboots mean server downage.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Commodore64's don't need reboots. Who are you kidding.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> run/stop restore!
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Last time we had a reboot we didn't come back up for 3 weeks!
[public] S'Kard laffs.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> depending on what they are doing out there, announce to them to pull over, turn
off the engine, and step out of the vehicle with their hands where w can seee them.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> They aint flying.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Just RPing.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> screw it then, pull the plug. ;]
[public] Othic grins.
[public] Othic crosses his fingers that the reboot will rise the FIL!
[public] Othic thinks Mac should wiki instead of rebooting. :)
[public] S'Kard would think the only way to make the day sweeter would be if Ron logged in.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Ohh.. that would be fun.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> He could finnaly convince Mac that we are all wrong and he should be made a
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> he's settling for Captain? I thought he was going for TOS Director?
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Oh yeah. He did tell me that we were all wrong in our policies and that he would
bring about change.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And I guess he would have to be a TOS Director to do that.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> all hail Ron.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> How long has it been since he stopped by last?
[public] Kre'Leth pelts Ron with golfball size hailstones.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> he was here about 3 weeks ago as a Guest
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> since then, not on my watch.
[public] Othic nods.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> He said he would be back April 5th. But I'm sure it'll be sooner.
[public] Kre'Leth: We just need to hope it's April 1st.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> what makes you think that? the fact that he said apr 5 and has come back 3
times already? ;)
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yeah, that's probably it. :)
[public] S'Kard doesn't mind. He gives us amusement.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Except when you're already annoyed.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> considering we used to get at least one Ron a day in the older days, it's a
welcome distraction.
[public] Othic chuckles.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> BoodySniffer. :)
[public] S'Kard misses Coal though. He had class. ;]
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> you can play with one of his corpsed bodies if you want ;)
[public] Othic chuckles.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> my gawd, there must be a room full of them. ;]
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> collect them all! ;)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> should be a Coal trophy room on the Enterprise, with heads mounted on the wall.
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> actually..
[public] S'Kard laffs
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> yeah, his last char never made it to getting corpsed before he stopped
logging in ;)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> last I remember, he was put in charge of Kli wasn't he?
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> nah
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> that was me ;)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Always getting saved by the inevitable meeting.
[public] S'Kard nods. "different twink." ;]
[public] Diserhn waves to Macgyver
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You've got lots of meetings.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> No, we'll be backup within...oh...30 seconds. Just a quick
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> It won't hurt too much.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Anything interesting it'll do?
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Or just server stuff?
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Think of it as a labotomy.
[public] S'Kard drools enough already
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> No...just makes me happy.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Labotomy.. oh no.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Here we go... 
We've been hit Keptin!...losing power...She's dead, Jim.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Takes too long to log back in.
[public] K'roel nods, "Yeah, Klingons are still here, Kard ;)"
[public] Kre'Leth: Indeed it does.
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> See...not so bad.
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> he must have installed Genesis! ;]
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Didn't happen to install Genesis did you? :)
[public] S'Kard rotfl
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Ohh.. we think alike. :)
[public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Genesis is planet forbidden.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Why so exactly?
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Nerd has been telling me it's 90% done, just not implemented!
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> it's the last 10% that's the problem.
[public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> allowed it is not!
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Hmm. I see.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Why so much of an issue with that last 10% then? :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> it's all fictional. ;]
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The Genesis page on the wiki needs more of an explanation then what I wrote. :)
[public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> last I talked to Ath about it, and this was like 3 years ago, it didn't look
[public] Othic hasn't talked to Ath about it. Just CW.
[public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> But he said he doesn't know much about it.

Continued by Brianne:

Federation OOC Area - Federation Empire - Federation OOC Hub(#1800RIiJ)
This is the main OOC meeting area for Federation Players. Here, any new players should proceed through
the New Player Registration Area to begin properly setting up their characters for Roleplaying in the
Federation. More experienced players may often come here when not in RP mode to chat or take care of
OOC business. From here, you can also access the Federation OOC Education Area, the Fed OOC Housing
Area, and a private meeting room. Enjoy the use of the area in your free time, but remember that
all the fun is in RP mode.
Channel Kiosk
Obvious exits:
                             Common Area <CA>
                                                 Bio Room 
Education Center <EC> Meeting Room <MR> Sewers <SW> *** You are no longer in RP Mode. *** *** You have been transported to a location designated by your empire *** Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags On For Idle Class Emp Doing Smith 00:04 58s Commander Fed Tribbles. K'roel 00:06 5m HoD Kli Tribbles. Renhawin g 00:06 6m Admin Rom Plenty. S'Kard 00:07 31s Riov Rom en Noodle Kristal R 00:07 5m Lt. Commande Fed Doing... Brianne 00:07 0s Ensign Fed He's dead Jim! Kre'Leth 00:05 4m Sogh Kli He's dead Jim! Othic 00:05 4s Head Admin Fed Coding! --- Hidden Users: 3 Total Users: 11. Smith woos. [public] Brianne: Hey! No fair! I logged in first and Othic's below me. :P [public] Othic is below everyone. [public] Brianne sobs. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> only a few do, and finding them is the problem. Getting them to work on it is a different problem entirely. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Heh. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> CW said it had tractor beams though! Tractor beams!! [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> more ways for Feddies to kill their ships. ;] [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Maybe, but fun none the less. :) [public] Brianne: We don't really need any more. It's easy enough already. :P [public] tiResias imagines the number of times Rokke gets tractored into a ship [public] Othic laughs. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Rokke is too big, or should be too big to fit on ship. Kristal has arrived. *** Kristal is no longer in RP Mode. *** [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> One would think. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> exactly ;) [public] Brianne: /Into/ doesn't mean /inside/. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> good ol Rokke. No longer wandering throught he universe. I have actually considered building the discworld and asking CW to space it. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> more fun would be tractor'ing it on to a new vector. Like at Earth. ;] [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> That would be serious fun to discover out there. Thu Mar 10 14:57:27 2005 [public] Brianne: Pfft. Goes too slow. Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags On For Idle Class Emp Doing Smith 00:07 3m Commander Fed Tribbles. K'roel 00:09 8m HoD Kli Tribbles. Renhawin g 00:10 9m Admin Rom Plenty. S'Kard 00:10 24s Riov Rom en Noodle Kristal 00:10 26s Lt. Commande Fed Doing... Brianne 00:10 0s Ensign Fed He's dead Jim! Kre'Leth 00:08 8m Sogh Kli He's dead Jim! Othic 00:08 33s Head Admin Fed Coding! --- Hidden Users: 3 Total Users: 11. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Speed it up with your tractor beam. :) [public] Othic would just be happy if Genesis meant real turning. :) [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> CW set Rokke back into motion the other day, actually [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> ahh, sweet. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> A bit longer then the other day I think. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> we have real turning. As long as you always go right. [public] Brianne chuckles. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And you don't worry about pitch much. :) [public] Kre'Leth: Discovering the discworld would be fun. [public] Brianne: What's discworld? [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> bah, it's an automated barrel roll. ;] [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We should put a pirate base on Rokke. :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Well.. more like a seedy outpost for the not so savvery folks. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> there used to be a base there. [public] Brianne: I've got 200 credits, can I buy Rokke? [public] Othic tried buying Rokke. It never returned my phone calls. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> more of a mining camp, but for a short time, we had Rom terrorists working from there. [public] Othic has a player who keeps trying to buy Luna or Remulak. [public] tiResias should go fix the lights on Rokke again [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Rokke's engines down again? Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags On For Idle Class Emp Doing Qor'I 00:02 6s Admin Kli Hortas Smith 00:10 2m Commander Fed Tribbles. K'roel 00:12 11m HoD Kli Tribbles. Renhawin g 00:13 12m Admin Rom Plenty. S'Kard 00:13 9s Riov Rom en Noodle Kristal 00:13 44s Lt. Commande Fed Doing... Brianne 00:13 0s Ensign Fed He's dead Jim! Kre'Leth 00:11 2m Sogh Kli He's dead Jim! Othic 00:11 42s Head Admin Fed Coding! --- Hidden Users: 3 Total Users: 12. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> isn't that the one with the panel outside? [public] Brianne peers, "Scary. Too many admin on..." :P [public] tiResias built Rokke and can't remember ;) [public] S'Kard shrugs. "last I knew, you couldn't even beam over to it anymore." [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> They come out of the woodwork when Mac starts talking. Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags On For Idle Class Emp Doing Qor'I 00:03 1m Admin Kli Hortas Smith 00:11 3m Commander Fed Tribbles. K'roel 00:13 35s HoD Kli Tribbles. Renhawin g 00:14 13m Admin Rom Plenty. S'Kard 00:14 10s Riov Rom en Noodle Kristal 00:14 1m Lt. Commande Fed Doing... Brianne 00:14 0s Ensign Fed He's dead Jim! Kre'Leth 00:12 3m Sogh Kli He's dead Jim! Othic 00:12 8s Head Admin Fed Coding! --- Hidden Users: 3 Total Users: 12. [public] Brianne: Half the connected people are admin! Eeee! [public] Brianne: More than half, actually. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The admin logged on right now are normally always logged in anyway. :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Qor'I is typically hidden.. but still logged in. tiR is always logged in. :) [public] Brianne: Pffft. Still scary. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> CW is on I think, but he is on a lot you just never know. :) [public] Brianne: Especially with Mac floating around out there. ;) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yeah, that's the scarry thing. :) [public] Brianne: Scarry? I haven't stabbed anyone today. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Stab Mac. :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Better then stabbing me! [public] Brianne: I'm not gonna stab Mac! [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Bah. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You'll stab me all day, but not Mac? I feel so loved! [public] Brianne: The game came right back up, I'm not gonna stab him for that. :P [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> stab him anyways. He likes it. Trust us. [public] Brianne: If Mac says he wants to be stabbed, I'll stab him. Otherwise, I'll just stab one of you. :P [public] S'Kard wiggles his green pointy ears and points at his head. "Is this a face that would lie?" [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Great. :) [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> Yeah, we belive you, Rommie. [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> Rommies are notorious liars. [public] Kre'Leth removes one of the ears with a knife. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> we don't lie. We just disguise the truth. There's a difference. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Is there? [public] Brianne: Hah. Liars. :P [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> you've never watched a politician speak? [public] Brianne: Rom politicians are worst. :P [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> You should know, Bri. ;) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> oh boy, looks like Anne just got stabbed by one of her own. ;] [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> and you all say Rommies are bad. ; [public] Kristal likes to be cold every now and then. :) [public] Brianne does know, yes. :P [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> I'm cold to friends and enemies alike. :) You shoulda seen one of my poses the other day. Thu Mar 10 15:12:27 2005 Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags On For Idle Class Emp Doing Qor'I 00:17 4m Admin Kli Hortas Smith 00:24 1m Commander Fed Tribbles. K'roel 00:27 14m HoD Kli Tribbles. Renhawin g 00:27 29s Admin Rom Plenty. S'Kard 00:28 17s Riov Rom en Noodle Kristal 00:28 27s Lt. Commande Fed Doing... Brianne 00:28 0s Ensign Fed He's dead Jim! Kre'Leth 00:26 8m Sogh Kli He's dead Jim! Othic 00:26 3m Head Admin Fed Coding! --- Hidden Users: 4 Total Users: 13. Brianne hrms, "I wonder where Ciannon went." Kristal says "Dunno. She may be waiting the full five min." You say "It's been half an hour..." Kristal says "Really? I lose track of time easily." Brianne chuckles. You say "Yeah. I've been logged in for 29 minutes. ;)" Kristal says "Well, when all you do is sit around all day........" Kristal hmmmmmmmmms. [Federation] Brianne: I'm bored... [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Is today Thursday? [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> At the word beep it is thursday [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> beep [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> according to the Julius calendar, yes. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> I see then. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> or is it augustan calendar, forget. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Of course everything make since now. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> regardless, yess [public] Brianne: Orange Julius? [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> Well, my hubby is at work, so it can't be Sat or Sun. Other than that, I generally don't have a clue. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> mmmmm [public] Brianne has a nice timer that adds dates to logs. Which is nice. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> I motion that we make it Friday. [public] S'Kard does not second that motion, Friday is a work day for me. [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> My client does that automatically. [public] Kre'Leth: I motion that we declare today friday too, means I don't have to go into college tomorrow. [FederationBorder] Subspace sensor nets report that a Nimbusian transport has left Federation space (Alpha- 21:16:3). [public] Brianne: Yeah, but tomorrow will you be able to tell what time stuff happened? :P [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> motion was already on the table. You need to second Othic's. I am forced to deny both though, due to improper protocol. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> No no Kre, you would second that then we would move it to the floor to be voted on. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And now you just cost us the motion! [public] Kre'Leth: Fine fine, declare it again, I'll second you. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> We have a wiki? [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> gawd bless Robert's Rules of Order ;] [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I have to say though...I really despise that word. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> It's purdy! [public] Kre'Leth joins in, "" [public] Brianne: It's a good wiki! [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> honestly, Othic and I are NOT the same person. really. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yeah, the word isn't that great. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Oh lord...the USS American Pie. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> but it's catchy. Like an STD. It's got a ring to it. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> S'Kard and I are the same people. [public] Brianne: That's Wilco's. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You should add to the wiki. :) [public] Brianne: Yes! Wiki! :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We need more on the MacGyver part. :P [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I like the was and is part. :) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> It was 1991...Febuary 1st, to be exact. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> What part is that in? Thu Mar 10 15:27:28 2005 [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Hey, I never did away with the director position. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Hmm.. maybe that's no the best statement for it then. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Sheesh, you even have a link to one little old article on me. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The AIM one? :) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> No mention of my contributions to the open source community (ProFTPD, SpamAssassin) that have garnered me fame and fortune. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Add your contributions! We all know very little of you! [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> No mention of my interviews on 60 Minutes CNN and ABC News (60 minutes did a whole story that I was a part of). [public] Brianne: Wha? You were on CNN? Sitak has arrived. *** Sitak is no longer in RP Mode. *** [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Cept for ProFTPD. I was installing that on my system once and saw your email in the readme. I was shocked. :) [public] Brianne: And 60 minutes? *** Sitak has gone into RP Mode. *** Sitak has left. Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags Class Service Assigned Division Sitak R Lt. Commande StarFleet First Officer Othic Head Admin Federation Federation Head Smith Commander StarFleet Fleet XO USS Tardis Kristal Lt. Commande StarFleet Security USS Tardis Brianne Ensign StarFleet Science USS Tardis Othic Head Admin Federation Federation Head --- Total Users: 6. Current Poll: This poll censored by the Rihannsu Poll Metasponsorship Bureau Name Flags On For Idle Class Emp Doing Sitak R 00:04 11s Lt. Commande Fed He's dead Jim! Othic 00:11 4m Head Admin Fed Coding! Qor'I 00:31 3m Admin Kli Hortas Smith 00:39 1m Commander Fed Tribbles. K'roel 00:41 13m HoD Kli Tribbles. Renhawin g 00:42 13m Admin Rom Plenty. S'Kard 00:42 5m Riov Rom en Noodle Kristal 00:42 2m Lt. Commande Fed Doing... Brianne 00:42 0s Ensign Fed He's dead Jim! Kre'Leth 00:40 6m Sogh Kli He's dead Jim! Othic 00:40 15s Head Admin Fed Coding! --- Hidden Users: 4 Total Users: 15. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> yeah! All some of us know aboutcha is what we found on your website. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> No mention that the Sun Times listed me as one of Chicago's ten most eligible bachelors. Or the local interview I did a few weeks ago as one of Chicago's best catches. [public] Othic nods, "We know that you love sailing." :) [public] Brianne doesn't live in Chicago. Or even Illinois. So wouldn't know. ;) [public] Othic doesn't either. We don't get those papers in Kansas City. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I toured with the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan in 2003...was quite the experience. [public] Kre'Leth doesn't even live in the US, so really wouldn't know. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Wow.. really? [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Yeah. :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You should add all this to your website. :) [public] MacGyver is trendy. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And the wiki! :) [public] Brianne: WIKI! [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> No wonder we've not heard much from you as of recent, you've been very busy. :) [public] tiResias once opened for 2 bands he'd never heard of and one he had ;) [public] S'Kard thinks. 2003. "Dylan's sound engineer is a friend of mine. He's actually in town now on break." [public] Othic is supprised you can be one of Chicago's best catches and own/run a StarTrek MUSE. :) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I take offense to the overly restrictive remark...I just don't believe that anarchy or a total democracy is the best way to run a MU*. [public] Brianne <--- Started the wiki. Is wiki nut. ;) [public] Othic makes me want to start telling chicks that I'm an admin on an ST MU, see if it helps my chances. :) [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> no no... Gotta tell 'em you're an admin on MAC's muse. :o) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Star Trek doesn't typically come up. :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Oh yeah. :) [public] Brianne laughs. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Tell people I work for one of the most eligible batchlors in Chicago. That helps my chances. :) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I can't delegate responsibilities to responsible people...mostly because I don't know most of you. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And notice Mac, that the wiki tries to be pretty impartial. It says some consider it to be overly restrictive. And many people do, but most that do don't play here. :) [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> and those he doesn't know, he does know! ;) [public] Othic prefers the atmosphere here to any other place. [public] Brianne: You should hang out here more often. :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yes, you should! :) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> we don't have a minibar though. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Pretty paint me as some sort of Nazi who owes you something. :P [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> maybe THAT should be included in Genesis and patched in [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yes we do, I created some minibar code for Norm. :) [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> I'm just glad TOS is around. I've enjoyed it. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> no no Mac, that's how they painted Ath. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We don't paint you to be a Nazi. We are typically over zealous in defending your name in the MU* culture. :) [public] Diserhn nods. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> speak for yourself ;) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Cept for tiR. :) [public] S'Kard chuckles. [public] tiResias doesn't write articles about other people [public] Othic doesn't eitehr. But I do promote TOS (and thus Mac) in many places. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Is there even a MU* culture anymore really? [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> very small one. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Most definately. [public] Brianne: There's a /lot/ of MU around still. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I'm surprised people still get all worked up over little old me. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> yeah, still a lot of people who play it. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Just because TOS is the longest continuously running MU* in existance. :) [public] Brianne: Go look at OGR and M*U*S*H. Definitely people who MU*. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The MU* culture isn't as cool, but more expansive due to the availability of servers. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> The biggies these days are folks like Jav. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You could come back and take the culture by storm! :) [public] Brianne chuckles. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> more gamesites, fewer people. Mostly the same oldbis that have been around forever. Not that anyone of us knows anything about that. ;] [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We even have our own embassy on OGR, where we constantly spout the gospel of TOS. :) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> *oldbies [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> People argue over Penn, MUX, Rhost and TM3, and we always chime in with the wonder of TOS 3.0! :) [public] Brianne: /You/ chime in. ;) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yeah. Anne doesn't. :) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Hehehe...wonder what's become of the other codebases. [public] Brianne has gotten too used to coding in MUX/MUSH. :P [public] Brianne: They're nice. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> I do as well. I think TOS still has the best space system out there. I mean, who ever heard about a cloaking device setting off border sensors? That's gay. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Penn is still flourishing, still most popular. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> LAtestest TinyMUSE was 1.7. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Stopped development a long time ago. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> One of these days I'll get inspired to bring Genesis up to what I wanted it to be. [public] Brianne: I like MUX best. Mostly. Maybe PennMUSH. [public] Brianne: This /is/ the best space system. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> there's a tinymuse 1.8a4 [public] tiResias knows one of the old maintainers [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> get othic to help ya. He's a great coder. Got some nifty lil systems hes worked out. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> and apparently tinymush just released a new version or something [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> I've never been fond of the crash code, but I've never seen any other space system that has it. [public] Brianne: Othic's a good coder. Even if he is a bit weird. ;) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> a bit? [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> all the cool kids use MOO now ;) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> TinyMUSH is on TM3.1 now. [public] Brianne: Okay, okay. A lot weird. :P [public] Brianne: MOO? I've never even been on one of those. [public] Othic isn't a fan of MOO. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And the latest TinyMUSE I could find was 1.7, I can't even get it to compile on my system. Thu Mar 10 15:42:28 2005 [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> So how far along is Genesis? [FederationBorder] Subspace sensor nets report that a Nimbusian transport has entered Federation space (Alpha- 22:15:4). [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Space was a mammoth effort. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> I'll bet. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Thank God I had a math degree. :) [public] Othic grins, "That would always help." :) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Jo was pretty instrumental, along with Shadow, in making it what it is. [public] Kristal has a math degree, but is a horrible coder. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> I always liked shadow. He took part in one of our RPs once. It was a lot of fun. We were flying to meet the klingons and he blew up plilaun. lol. Fun. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> and was always fun to talk to. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Shadow was a good guy. :) [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> advise me on whether or not I have enough gas to get home [public] tiR's wheel of Advice: Don't tear the edges off computer paper. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> andy went inactive shortly after I got to be admin, so never really got to work with him much. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Gas is far too expensive right now. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> and you live in MO where it's cheap [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Andy still shows up every now and then. Database save complete. [public] Brianne: Yeah. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Those guys really built the [public] S'Kard puts out kudos for AthZilla too, since no one else will. We always got along, even though he booted me more times than Mac. ;] [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Err...those guys really built the user portion of Space that you get to use...I just made it easy and accessible for them to do so without needing them to worry about the math and all that good stuff. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Them = UI, me = guts. [public] Diserhn grins. [public] Othic has found out that the math of a space system is complex and difficult. [public] Brianne: It is nice. I can't stand other versions of space. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> TOS is by far the coolest version of space around. :) [public] Brianne: I can barely fly in this one, but I can't fly at all in any others. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> All the others are eaiser to fly IMO. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> not micromuse space ;) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And that makes 'em not as cool. [public] Kre'Leth got pretty damned good at flying one of the other space systems. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> Yeah. Any space where you can crash into stuff, that actually makes your ship take time to slow down, and allows you to assign damage teams... rocks. And the cloaking devices work here like they are supposed to. [public] Brianne: Yeah, with 03943742834728 347823749125 4123412412341234 as coords. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Didn't Micro use a series of rooms? :) [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> but then again, it's a space simulator ;) [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> although... I'd love to get hold of a modified one that allows you to fire weapons. *kicks the klingons to start reinventing that thing* [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I didn't, and still don't want it to be particularly easy to fly here. [public] Kre'Leth kicks Diserhn back. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> A lot of those space systems are finnaly catching up with TOS Space in coolness. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> So we need to make TOS Space even cooler yet again. :) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> *hint hint* [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> The whole point was to get people to work cooperatively to fly. :) [public] Brianne: Are they cutting out the completely useless commands that make console help scroll past one page? :P [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> no, micromuse space is a physics simulator with some rather rough approximations used in order to fit in the old cpu it was developed under. You have to do things like orbital calculations and stuff ;) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I really doubt that most places can come close to what's been done here in that area. [public] Kre'Leth: With a lot of the space systems out there it's quite easy to fly solo. :/ [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Ohh, Micro sounds fun. :) [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> and then every so often the rounding takes its toll, and they have to go find jupiter and put it back into orbit ;) [public] Brianne: The other systems also have, literally, about a hundred different commands. [public] Brianne laughs. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yeah, useless commands. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> keep in mind, most of those other systems are for generic themed space. TOS was built for Trek, so you can't rightfully compare it to most of those other systems. [public] Brianne: So you have to read three pages of stuff to find 'dock <target>'. [public] Kre'Leth: Yep, most of them were useless. [public] Othic doesn't like just being able to inter <target>. That's not very fun. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> ASpace was built specailly for Trek. [public] Kre'Leth: Bah, just doing inter target doesn't work well, you have to actually manually keep re-adjusting course to do better. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> yeah, and micro is supposed to act "real", so you have to do things like, thrust for X time, turn around, fire thrust in the opposite direction to slow down. and it takes days to travel between planets of the solar system ;) [public] Othic is gonna have to play with the sim on Micro then. :) Thu Mar 10 15:57:28 2005 [public] Brianne hasn't been on Micro in ages. [public] Othic wishes he was around here when it took longer to get to Nimbus. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> good luck. hard to find people who are active who have ships [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Is Micro still around actually? [public] Brianne: It is. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Yeah. [public] Brianne was there in the past couple months. [public] Kre'Leth has never been there. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Well then, it's got us beat in terms of being around the longest. We're definitely the oldest Trek-based MU* out there. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Aye. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> And at least we are in the top 5 oldest. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> but we're not in the top-100 most active, and that's the problem. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> Yep. It's cool to see it still around and still active. Goes through dead periods, but people always come back and new people still come in. I cut my MUSE teeth here in 96. I'd played muds, but this was an entirely new realm. :o) [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> and we still get newbies cutting their teeth here. :o) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Actually.. we may just be in the top 100 active. There aren't many active places out there anymore. [public] Brianne: Sometimes, with unfortunate results. ;) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> We are in the top 5 active ST MU*'s I'd venture to say. [public] Brianne points to /RON/. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> About 75% of the running servers out there proably only see about 5 - 10 connects / night. Sokash has connected. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Keep in mind...I wrote Space and TOS 3.0 when I was, I was like a teenager and everything. [Iron_Fist] Othic: <Support the WHIWR Fund & PHHTMWT> Heya Mig. [Iron_Fist] Sokash: <<Vulcan with Antennae>> Howdy [Iron_Fist] Sokash blinks [public] Brianne: Wow. [public] Sokash: hehe, but you did a good job Boss. [public] Diserhn: <ARRGGHHH!> You were a teenager?! [public] Brianne: I wish I could do that. :P [public] Diserhn grins. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> You wrote all that at 16? Wow. [public] Othic doesn't feel too bad now. :) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> back then, the things we would do to get chicks. ;] Kristal says "Sokash, look! It's Mac! Are you fainting yet?" [public] MacGyver :) Sokash says "Past fainting...I'm into shock" [public] Othic started writing his first space system when he was 17! :) [public] Sokash: So MacG...when are you going to see the truth and make Andorians the ruling race of everything? Kristal says "We were too." [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Let me tell you, meeting women isn't something that's been a problem for me, in spite of Trek. :) [public] Brianne: I can barely handle PHP right now... Trying to code something like TOS would give me convulsions. ;) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> You know, I really like Enterprise. Brianne laughs. [public] Kre'Leth can't code anything more than HTML/CSS [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I'd love to incorporate soe of those things here. [public] Brianne: PHP isn't much harder than HTML. [public] Sokash: Me too Mac, most people here hate it though. [public] Brianne: Enterprise? Eeeee... [public] Othic isn't a fan of Enterprise. Slate has connected. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> bah, Enterprise distorted the whole timline. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> What on earth do you people have against it...aside from the bubble-gum-though-oh-so-catchy theme? [public] Brianne: I saw a few and then it was like... blegh. [public] Sokash: They think its un-canon [public] Brianne: It's... a bad show. ;) [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> By definition, it's canon. [public] Kre'Leth: For me it's just a case of..Meh. [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> I never watched it. Harrison has connected. [public] Brianne: It also stinks. ;) [public] Sokash: I know Mac, I've tried telling them that [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> Careful Mac, those kinds of statements may make it to the official NEWS posts here. ;] [public] Sokash: Over and over again. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Kristal and I have been too busy dating for her to watch Enterprise. ;) [public] Harrison mehs. [public] Brianne laughs. [public] Brianne: Did you tell her husband? :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Mac is James! :) [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> That makes perfect sense, as James is the President of Earth. :) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> here we go. You win Othic, my bet was it would take him only 10 minutes to start nudging up to the Fem's. It's been an hour. [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> Mac isn't James. James isn't even home yet. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Cause he is at work, being Mac. :) [public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> Logged in remotely! [public] Sokash: you are just saying that [public] Sokash: cause you are on his side [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> James can't access the net at work. He works with health insurance. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> tiR chose 3 minutes in the betting pool. we were all way off. [public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> that's why I don't normally gamble ;) [public] Othic of course knew he had more dignity. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> I work at a health insurance client. James is my understudy. [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> He was waiting for Mig to login to start hitting on the females. :) [public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> MAC WOULDN'T LIE TO US. [FederationBorder] Subspace sensor nets report that a Nimbusian transport has left Federation space (Alpha- 21:16:3). [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Neither would the president of the United States...uh huh. [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> James works for Blue Cross Blue Shield. He's a customer service rep. Thu Mar 10 16:12:28 2005 [public] Brianne laughs. [public] Sokash: Why would he wait for me? Trying to make me jealous or something? [public] Brianne: As long as I get left out of it... :P [public] tiResias goes home ;) [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> easy Anne, Wilco's not here to protect your virtue. You're open game. ;] [public] S'Kard waves. [public] Brianne waves. [public] Brianne: Bah. :P [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> Cause everyone hits on you, Mig. :) [public] Brianne: I can stab people. :P [public] Sokash backs away slowly [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> But you can't stab Mac! [public] Sokash: If only that were true. I'd better go check my mail. *** Sokash has gone into RP Mode. *** Sokash has left. [public] Brianne: Pfft... I stab everyone. :P [public] Kre'Leth: Don't think you've stabbed me yet. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Alright folks...back to RL for me...I'll check in tomorrow...promise. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> me neither, but I'm a nice guy. And Romulan. [public] Slate waves. [public] MacGyver: <The Preemptive Multitasker> Laterz. [public] Kristal wavies. [public] Brianne stabs Kre'Leth so he doesn't feel left out. [public] Kre'Leth waves. [public] Brianne waves. [public] S'Kard: <Danny Crane> right, se you next year Mac ;] [public] Othic waves. [public] Brianne stabs S'Kard, too. Sokash has arrived. *** Sokash is no longer in RP Mode. *** [Federation] Sokash: <<Oldbie>> Well, looks like I missed nothing [public] S'Kard updates his personal journal..."Mac was online at TOS today, for an hour...and I didn't get booted once. Rejoice." [public] Kre'Leth stabs Anne back. [public] Brianne: Amazing. I've /never/ seen Mac on for so long. [public] Brianne: Almost 2 hours, I think. [public] Sokash: did he go? [public] Kre'Leth hasn't seen Mac in general very much. [public] Kristal: <3 lives down and counting> I don't even remeber when I last /saw/ him on. [public] Sokash: Last time I saw him on was a looooong time m'Irez actually. [public] Brianne: I think the last time I saw him on is in the wiki. :P [public] Sokash: ya, same here Anne.