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Room on Starbase One honoring those who have died. It currently houses:

O'Connor's Plaque

A black plaque made of ebony and polished with a substance that gives it an almost translucent glow that shimmers as the dim lighting of the room hits it. It measures about 11 inches high, 8 inches wide and an inch and half in thickness with beveled edges that are smooth to the touch. Encased within the plaque you see 3 items arranged in triangular pattern with the rank pin at top and the two medals at the base.


_______ _*****_ 

Underneath you see these worlds inscribed.

Rear Admiral Rigley Micheal O'Connor

Head of StarFleet Naval Command

Awarded the StarFleet Medal for Valor by Fleet Admiral Stephen Hansen

Awarded the Medal of Honor by UFP President Tektos

USS Saratoga Memorial Stone

               USS Saratoga NCC 1724
   __________________          _-_
               ||    \----._________.----/
               ||     / ,'   `---'
            ___||_,--'  ._
           /___          ||(-

We few; we happy few; we band of brothers

-- William Shakespeare

In proud memory of those who served. Dedicated Saturday Feb 16th Stardate 12222

To view the names engraved, type View Saratoga names

Saratoga Names

  • Rear Admiral Rigley M. O'Connor SFNC
  • Commander Matthew B. Hassett First Officer
  • Commander Doug R. Masters Commandant-SFA
  • Lt. Commander Ian V. Sturmvogel Second Officer
  • Lt. Commander Sk'otu Security Officer
  • Lieutenant Jasmine A. Dubois Chief Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant David Ganon Chief Security Officer
  • Lieutenant Jamal Jones Chief Science Officer
  • Lieutenant Thomas Kruzer Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Charles Blair Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant Christopher MacGregor Security Officer
  • Lieutenant JG Kelvoi Security Officer
  • Lieutenant JG Mike Paris Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant JG McLeod Navigation Officer
  • Ensign Bannon Thane Engineering Officer
  • Ensign Rogot Security Officer
  • Cadet Barnhill Intern-SFA

The fire of their memories burns in the hearts of those who shared their passion and shared their dedication.

A note

On a piece of fine white linen paper, sealed with a red velvet ribbon is a note without an author.

Suvin, I know we had our ups and down over the years. At times it seemed like we were competing, for teh same positions, for the same rank, and for the same affection and respect from our peers. But looking back I relized you made me better. You made me strive to be better. During some of my darkest moments, you were there and seeing you achieve your dream filled me unselfish joy. I vow to you that your life was not lived in vain...I will prove it, my friend.

Kris, Dana was always proud of you. A little bird told me.

David, you were such a good officer. I always had in mind that someday if I ever got command that I wanted you as my FO. In my mind, no one could have done better. Corey and T'Kel, you two where a lovely a couple and I hope you found happiness.

Tiji, I saw in you a glimpse of myself a a young age. Little did you know that I took a likening to you and to your ambition. I was working on trying to get you a position where you could work under me and I could mentor you. I knew you could go far. Bu, my darling Bu. You gave me my first real chance and were like a father to me long after I lost my own father. I will make you proud.

A wreath

You see a small flower wreath arranged around a painting of the Emerald Isle. A yellow ribbon is ties it all together and reads.

"In Memory of Lt. Corey Gene Malk. May you find rest in the arms of your homeland once more, my Love."

Slab of Stone

As you approach the stone, you notice it is a tribute to fallen StarFleet officers. Names are engraved in the smooth stone.

"Those who do what in them stirs, God will not deny His grace."

To commemorate each name, TRIBUTE LIST to read the names yourself. If you have any personal requests for the stone, see any member of the Flag staff at StarFleet command.

List of names on Stone

|        StarFleet Official Commemoration Plaque.. Let Us Not Forget         |
This plaque was inaugurated on stardate 10822.46 and last modified on 12162.92.
Let us not forget those who have fallen in the line of duty:
            Commander (Posthumously) Jessica Madine - USS Saratoga             
                  Captain Katherine O'Connor - USS Saratoga                    
                 Lt (Posthumously) Tiji Klein - USS Excalibur                  
             Cadet Cassandra Marie Weinstaff - Starfleet Academy               
                 Ensign (Posthumously) Riccio - USS Excalibur                  
                 Ensign Jason Tiberus McLeod - USS Excalibur                   
                      Ensign David Lang - USS Excalibur                        
          Ensign (Posthumously) Dwidian Michaels - Starfleet Academy           
             Lt. Jg (Posthumously) R Adam Cowley - USS Excalibur               
                     Lt. Corey Gene Malk - USS Excalibur                       
                   Lt. Commander Slate Grey - USS Excalibur                    
    Lt. Commander Queeqeg S'mahrk Cha S'lonak Hei Gethbra - USS Excalibur      
       Lt. Commander (Posthumously) David Hunter Falcone - Starbase One        
  Commander (Posthumously) Sara Elizabeth Windsor-Saenz - Starfleet Academy    
       Commander (Posthumously) Kristian DeSalvo Valant - USS Excalibur        
                      Captain Suvin Grey - USS Excalibur                       
                Captain Brad Alexander Garibaldi - USS Ulysses                 
                    Admiral C.J. Stabu - Starfleet Command                     
                     Commodore Palin - SFNC/USS Saratoga                       
                         Captain S'tok - Starbase One                          
                              Cadet Jarod - SFA                                
                               Lt. Janson - SFA                                
                 Lt. Commander Dana (Longshot) Longmuir - SFA                  
                   Lt. Nicholas Acran Sparr - USS Excalibur                    
                Lt. Commander Johnathan Frakes - Starbase One                  
                 Fleet Admiral Bruce "Iceraven" Ingram - CinC                  

=List of names on Stone 2

|        StarFleet Official Commemoration Plaque.. Let Us Not Forget         |
This plaque was inaugurated on stardate 10822.46 and last modified on 12162.92.
Let us not forget those who have fallen in the line of duty:
Admiral Thomas 'Elgatomalo' Lynx - SFC
Captain Larry "Chipper" Jones - USS Republic
Lt. Commander Kyle Gannon - USS Republic
Lt. Commander Carmen Grant - USS Excalibur
Commander (Posthumous) Eric Bono - USS Republic
Ensign Christopher Ingraham - USS Republic
Ensign (Posthumous) Sanderlin - StarFleet Academy
Lt. JG Richard Rillian - USS Republic
Lt. JG Roderick J. Hall - USS Republic
Lieutenant Devin Crammer - USS Republic
Ensign Lantrax siv'Kaalin - USS Republic
Ensign Fred Carter - USS Republic
Lt. Commander Gina Dolenz Helidoc - USS Republic
Captain Stephen Helidoc - USS Excalibur
Lt. Cmdr (Posthumous) T'Mara - USS Excalibur
Lt. Commander (Posthumous) Adaams - StarBase One
Ensign Asante - USS Excelsior
Ensign Llewellyn - USS Excelsior
Ensign Lupis - USS Ulysses
Ensign Bingley - USS Ulysses
Lt. Jon Mitchell - USS Excelsior
Ensign Kitana - USS Excelsior
Lt. JG Reebo Sheridan - USS Excelsior
Lt. Lupo - USS Excelsior
Capt. William Abersol - USS Excelsior
Lt. Commander Frank Clowes
Commander Maxwell Stewart
Ensign Johnny Jones - StarBase One
Capt. Greg Hamilton - USS Excelsior
Cmdr. Melissa Fernandez-Flemnos - USS Excelsior
Ensign Steele - USS Republic


Before you is a velvet red ribbon With gold trim on the side and a crest of Academia in the center. On the backside, stitched is these words "The greatest legacy left behind is that of shared knowledge. You live on, in those you touched."

Dante: I will eventually fix this mess and put it back 'in' the Chapel. To be honest, though, I think that most of those names can probably be left out -- it's hard to remember people you've never met, and who died years and years ago.