Mirianna Lee Estrada

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Born Madrid, Spain to two very well educated parents. Mirianna Lee Estrada was born one of ten amoung 8 sisters and one brother. The Estrada family tree dates back some ten to fifteen generations back to include explorers, doctors, lawyers and marshals. Their legacy includes a healthy growing vineyard and a small business practicing law. The family maintains their homestead in Madrid. Family time at night was one of the most important times of the day because it was a time to share thoughts and daily events. The Estrada core values is and was family first.


As a child, Mirianna had many friends at school and tried to spend equal time between family and friends. She graduated Madrid elementary and High school as they were both at the same Catholic School. She would help her sisters and brother tend to the family vineyard after school and late in the evening, the family shared some quality time discussing and sharing thoughts.

Her brother, Hinajosa was the second foundation of the family behind her father as he would help keep the family together during tough times. At the age of 25, her brother joined Starfleet as a medicine man and was accidentally killed in a weapons discharge aboard the USS Falkenberg. Mirianna was deeply shattered emotionally by this event when she discovered the nature of this incident, but did eventually manage to regain her senses. She still prays every day for her departed brother.

Mirianna, like her brother, attended Madrid University after high school; but spent her time in studies in Madrid law school and carried an understudy in Politics and Social Economics. At the age of 22, she acquired a Bachelors in Law and Political Government. She left school soon after and took a job as a legal aid in the United States working her way into position as an apprentice for a Congressional Attourney.

About a year later she took her Bar Exam and passed, was offered a job through an attorney for a congressman who was working for the United Federation of Planets. There she met another man that would change her life drastically. She would remain in practice for another 3 years before she was offered a position as a magistrate for the UFP hearing civilian cases.

She would sit on the bench for five years hearing both criminal and civil cases alike before she decided that she wanted to make a real impact and leave her family name a legacy to be remembered. It was then, she decided that she would try with all her heart to run for office as a female president.


Marianna tends to be a very compassionate and driven woman who has a balance way of seeing things in life. She enjoys reading and camping as well as horseback riding.

Current Events

Earth Date: October 23, 2005 On the above date, Mirianna Estrada took office as President of Earth. As she took office; she vowed to restablize the Earth's financial economy and to provide a stronger, more united military. She spoke of beginning a new era in search of stability as a lead point within the Federation to help unite the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire with the Federation in hopes of also bringing a stronger, well balanced relationship and to try to finally bring peace to the three reigning "Super-Powers".