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Mitch Blackman's long and distinguished career in StarFleet took place during the so-called "Golden Age."

He was the first Captain of USS Federation and later was promoted to Admiral in charge of StarFleet Naval Command during the tenure of Fleet Admiral Robert Morse. Mitch and Morse worked well together and helped build a healthy foundation for Starfleet. After Morse's retirement, Blackman assumed the reins as Starfleet Commander-in-Chief.

Mitch was a skilled coder, and developed the first version of the famed Starfleet "touch" command computer cores for implementation on all StarFleet ships and bases. He also created an information storage system that was highly useful for the keeping of records aboard starships.

He also built the original versions of the Federation and Starbase One, as well as several other ships, creating large and elaborate layouts in the time before Space limited the number of rooms a ship could hold. Most of the ships and bases he built had to be rebuilt later, through no fault of his own, to conform to space system limitations imposed in 1996.

Mitch became Fleet Admiral when Morse retired, and held the position for something less than a year. He was effective and well-liked. During his tenure as Fleet Admiral he promoted John Falkenberg to head of StarFleet Naval Command. The two worked very well together and were able to guide StarFleet through the aftermath of the USS Yorktown and USS Intrepid disasters, to build the fleet into a large and active force. Mitch retired in 1997 and was replaced by Falkenberg.

Preceded by:
Robert Morse
Starfleet Commander-in-Chief Succeeded by:
John Falkenberg