Nathanial Jured III

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Jured was born and raised on Alpha Centauri under the stern rule of his father. He went at the age of 17 to SFA to be an officer in StarFleet. He resiged at the age of 22, and the rank of Ensign and went back to Alpha Centauri where he joined the Security Force. He has been working there ever since, and has established a good name for himself.


Jured first worked in the street division of the Centaurian Security Force. He is basically your normal cop. He was soon transferred to the main operations division in military warefare. He attained good standing there, and became proficient in many forms of combat. After that, he was once again transferred to the Intelligence Division. Not much is known of his time there. He has now earned operational command of the Centaurian Security Force.


Jured is a good natured guy who likes his women. He can fight very well, yet he can also be a skilled diplomat. He can adapt to anything really.