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USS Federation in Nimbus III orbit
Career File:Sflogomini.gif
First built: 1993
Lead ship: USS Nichter
Currently in service: USS Federation
General Characteristics
Service: Starfleet
Type: Battleship
Length: 574.3 metres
Width: 216.1 metres
Height: 100.7 metres
Mass: 344,655,000 tons
Propulsion: 3x warp nacelles
impulse engines
Cruise speed: Warp 5
Top speed: Warp 8
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: full shuttlebay

The Nichter-class battleship is the largest, grandest, and of course most heavily armed ship design in the Starfleet arsenal. The grand, well-built battleship is designed for both military and ceremonial applications, and has in its single incarnation as the USS Federation served in countless roles as varied as fighting a war in a distant quadrant or conveying important dignitaries on vital missions to preserve or resurrect the peace in the Alpha Quadrant. As such, the Nichter-class is generally respected by those experienced enough to see its great utility and value.

Nichter-class battleships are legendary for their incredible giganticity. While, according to Rihannsu sources, the Romulan battleship ChR Ka'joss Llekhi has only 132 total officers and crew for a starship comparable in volume to a Nichter, the Starfleet vessel maintains a considerably larger crew and officer staff to maintain the vessel and its diplomatic facilities. Nichter-class ships are an exercise in grandoise elegance combined with functionality and firepower that could wither all but the most determined opponent. However, the battleships are painfully slow, to the extent that TOS Space itself seems to crawl a bit when the Federation hits the galaxy.

As mentioned, the only Nichter-class vessel currently in service is the USS Federation, Starfleet's longtime flagship and her pride and joy. There has never been a really serious discussion regarding adding another Nichter to the Starfleet, although a few people occaisonally blurt out that it's a good idea.

The Nichter remains the only battleship design currently in Starfleet service.

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