Nimbus III Indepence and Neutrality Treaty

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This treaty approves the appropriation and ratification for Nimbus III being an Independent and Neutral Colony.


On date of Ratification, this treaty declares the Nimbus Solar System as neutral space. Included with that declaration is the appropriation for Nimbus III, the only Class M world in the Nimbus system, to be made a independent colony.

  • Nimbus System Addendum: The Nimbus Solar System is a free space zone. Any ship may enter without threat. No weapons may be fired in the system. Violation of this law may result in detremental effects to that ship.
  • Nimbus III Colony Addendum: Nimbus III, the only Class M planet in the Nimbus system, is set up as an independent colony free from any empire's rule. The planet is self-governing and has outlawed weapon use anywhere on the planet. The planet is also open to free and open trade. Empire Embassies, Treaty archives, Universe Board of Trade, and other galaxy-wide centers are based there.
  • Nimbus III Vessels: Vessels under Nimbusian registry are considered to be under the joint protection of the Nimbus Treaty signatories. Any act of aggression on Nimbusian vessels may be interpretted by the signatories as an act of war. Vessels under Nimbusian registry are required to maintain strict neutrality in all situations and may not fire weapons except under a direct attack.
  • Nimbus Space: Nimbus space is defined as being the area of space within a 2 sector radius from coordinates: Alpha- 17:18:0.