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The Nimbusians are a group of players, Tholian ex-patriates, who adopted citizenship on Nimbus III following the demise of the Tholian Hegemony in 1997. To be a Nimbusian was a special distinction, as it means that you were a very special person indeed who had lived through some incredible things. Nimbusians are not a player empire per se and are not open for application.

Because of the inevitable non-renewal of numbers and the fact that there weren't many Tholians left in the first place, the Nimbusians are extremely low. The only two remaining Nimbusian players of any activity are tiResias and the former Tholian Director Cornwell, who between them represent the last links to Tholianism left on TOS TrekMUSE in the year 2005.

The Nimbusians have a small space presence, mostly consisting of the automated transports (which don't really count) and the base Port Paradise in Nimbus orbit.

When asked, some players will dare to say that they wouldn't leap at the chance to be a Nimbusian if they could. These people are liars. Everybody loves the Nimbusians.

Added by Anne: The Nimbusians may be great, but have you seen the planet? It is dry, dusty. Not many people would want to live there. At least, not if you like drinking water.

Despite all my asking, tiR still won't let me be Nimbusian! - Othic