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Othic is the Federation Head Administrator at the time of this wiki posting (Sun Jan 9 00:03:25 2005). He has been the Fed HA for a little over a year now, and a Federation Administrator for a little over 2 years. His specialties lie in code, and the design, development, and implementation of coded systems for the Federation.

The Player

Othic is a player that was registered on TOS Wed Mar 7 15:43:09 2001. (I have no clue how exactly.) [Admin characters are often reused, at least that's how it used to be. This doesn't seem to happen so much anymore.]

The character was created after his previous character Cromber was killed in a navigations accident (that he caused) in the USS Myron, in which the ship plowed into Vulcan killing all officers on board. (Yes, that means half the Federation player base. My bad.) This happened in September or October of 2002.

The original concept was to not go back to StarFleet, but to be active in Federation econ and coding of new objects to sell ICly. However, as a result of his destroying the USS Myron he was sentenced to go through the ship and rename her the USS Galinda (Never spaced, later renamed USS Myron - B). Othic doesn't like to do manual work, so he used a simple @dolist to change everything for him. Yay laziness.

After loafing OOC for a while, Othic was recruited by Neo to fix up the SFA application process, streamlining the event and finally getting rid of those nasty applications in early November of 2002.

A little more loafing (and after becoming the Centarus Coordinator) , Neo asked Othic to fix the SFC tools that had been in use for ages to organize and manage StarFleet. Of course these tools were far too nasty and not nearly spiffy enough, so Othic started work on the @FED/SYSTEM, a tool that later grew to have many functions for the entire Federation for management, organization and general goodness.

The tool includes commands for general players, senior players as specified per division, division coordinators and administrators.

After about a month of working on this tool (in late Nov or early Dec 2002), and generally just having fun with code, Othic was asked to be the Code Administrator for the Federation. Of course he accepted, effectively killing the character Othic as a player. And so ends the story of Othic the Player.

The Admin

Code Admin

Othic became the Co-Code Administrator of the Federation in 2002, working along side the previous Code Admin Sheridan. However, Sheridan was very inactive at this time and Othic pretty much took on full responsibility for all code within the UFP.

While working as the Code Admin, Othic worked on the @FED/SYSTEM from the beginning. It was one of his original projects that he kept up, and is currently still enhancing and working on all the time.

The second project he took up as Code Admin was a project developed by both himself and Neo that was a way to better manage the Economy on TOS, from both the player and the admin perspective. This economy console went over all right, and worked fairly well after making use of the Econ API. However, there was never much interest in the console as there were deeper problems with econ that needed to be addressed before any economy console to manage property would do any good.

(Editor's Note: The underlying econ problems certainly have nothing to do with Othic. A general lack of interest -- and the very basic requirement that in order to function, Econ must be actively persued by all the empires -- makes it exceedingly difficult to code an overlay system to bypass the inherent issues. However, I can personally testify that Othic's Econ system is spectacular, and has made me oodles of money in the UFP. - Rig)

The Security Console for the Federation was written by Othic sometime in 2003, fixing many of the issues from the original TOS Security Console, and allowing FedAdmin and Directors free access to any room, as well as allowing Builders, FedAdmin and Directors access to the console without having to be @RP or sitting at the console. The console kept the same look and functionality as the original TOS Security Console.

Othic continued working as Code Admin in the Federation for about a year, developing many different systems that are still in use. One of his most worked on experiments that failed was the use of ODN Relays for the Federation's Computer Core's (the Touch System) used aboard Federation ships and installations. The system required the use of ODN Relays in each room to be able work right, and the ODN Relays deteriorated after use. The code worked, the idea didn't work so well as there was a severe lack of player initiative to fix and replace ODN Relays when they went out. The point was to create a commodity that was consumable, and needed to be replaced from time to time to help liven up economy.

The ODN Relays went into use in April or May of 2003, and were taken out in May of 2003. The Touch System was completely rewritten during this time to be more efficient.

Othic took a short leave in June of 2003 for RL issues, and returned in early August to find that many of the systems had gone to proverbial hell due to no upkeep.

After a month of beeing back, and fixing the many things that had gone astray, Othic was asked to take over for Neo as the Head Administrator of the Federation. Neo stepped down to take the role of Vice Head Admin.

Othic has continued to serve Code Admin of the Federation while taken on the duties of Head Admin.

Head Admin

Othic took over the role of Head Admin from Neo in September of 2003.

While Head Admin, Othic has continued to keep up his duties as the only Code Admin of the Federation, firing Sheridan for lack of activity.

Othic continued to create more systems, and enhance the current ones.

During 2003 (or maybe 2004?) Othic once more rewrote the Touch System to make it better, and more efficient. He also changed the look, and added many functions.

In early 2004, he hired Agave of the Orions to work as a Building Administrator.

Over the course of his tenure as Head Admin, Othic has maintained and run the empire in what he believes to be a successful manner. (Although he can't spell worth a damn. - ed.)


Othic has maintained many NPCs during his time as Head Admin. Some of the NPCs he uses are listed below:

  President Jured -- President of Centaurus
  Admiral Riley -- former SFCinC
  Admiral Tulani -- Commandant of SFA. [No longer used by Othic]
  Admiral Limboch -- SFCinC
  Commodore Abernathy -- SFNC
  Trifole -- FNN Reporter
  Scuzzi -- Proprieter of Specialized Equipment Industries. Owner of FSY Relativity.

Previous & Current PCs

  Commander Smith -- CO: USS Pericles; CO: Starbase1; FO: USS Tardis Flight Group [Current PC]
  Michael Othic -- Proprieter of BCS Inc. [Old PC. Not Used Since Admin Status]
  LtCmdr Cromber -- Last Post: FO: USS Myron. [Killed in the Myron crash]

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