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Palin cha'Ha'sovar sa Bental was a popular StarFleet Captain. Known for bringing his ship USS Saratoga through many combat engagements As well as many many other odd occurrences and disturbances. After graduating from StarFleet Academy, he was posted to Starbase One as science officer. Palin quickly became one of the station’s brightest scientists and was soon Chief Science Officer. He was also known for destroying his lab on various occasions and for experiments that sometimes went awry. Palin soon found himself on the command track serving as XO of Starbase One and then becoming the Captain of the USS Saratoga. During his command the Saratoga built a large combat resumé as well as drawing strange events to it. His abilities noted at StarFleet Command, Palin was later promoted to Commodore and became head of StarFleet Naval Command. Unfortunley Palin’s time in this role was short-lived as he was killed in phaser combat onboard the Saratoga.