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Peter hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, Earth, son of two sheep herders.

The oldest of three, he has a younger brother and sister. His family is not well-known outside of Christchurch; in fact their family has been part of the rural farm community for several generations, preferring to work the soil and tend to their traditions than to go off into space.

His strong academic subjects are Terran history, astrophysics, and calculus. Interests in the humanities include the study of ancient explorers such as Magellan and Cook, and has learned a sizeable amount of Latin and German.


Peter, like many young men his age, yearns to go out and explore the great beyond; this is more so, because of life in pastoral New Zealand, with its slow manner of living.

He has developed a love for scientific pursuits to augment his navigation skills.

Otherwise, Peter is kind and unobtrusive, never seeks to scheme to get ahead.

Sometimes he gets frustrated if a team is working at a slower pace than he, and may go off on his own to achieve the goal that is needed.

All of these tendancies can be seen in his love of the Communications Officer role... he craves being in the background, playing an integral role in part of the big picture.

While his talents may lend him better to the Science Officer position, he seeks to be the mediator, the peacemaker, the one who represents and assists.


Two years ago, Peter was granted an appointment from his local town government to apply to Starfleet Academy. Peter Winfield graduated from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 12478.73 in the Science curriculuum, specializing in Communications. His first assignment as Cadet-Trainee was on the USS Federation, under Captain Christopher Tuggey. While there, he took an active role in the day-to-day duties of the Engineering, Science, and Communications staffs; it was his experience in his roles that led to his further interest in the Communications Officer duty. His design project, entitled "A System-Wide Passive Scanning Network Employing Warp Resonators," was considered to be innovative in that it took a starship design flaw, warp nacelle harmonic interference, and used it as a local-area interferometer, able to detect subspace fluctuations to detect masked singularities, such as those on cloaked starships. With his successful design project as well as his repeated "superior" marks, Peter Winfield was promoted to the rank of Ensign on Stardate 12488.81, and posting as Communications Officer aboard the USS Federation. However, with receipt of his design review to Starfleet Command, orders came through to send Ens. Winfield to Starbase 24 to further investigate warp resonation. Two years later, however, with the successful completion of his assignment, Ens. Winfield signed on for a second tour of duty, requesting transfer and assigment back to Starship Operations as a Communications officer.

Winfield's OOC Notes

Ah Winfield, my longest running, yet least active character. :( I started him back in 2002 after I dumped Raecher, with the intent of just having a good time with RP. I enjoyed being a 'utility officer,' acting in a minor role in larger plotlines, so I continued with the thought that a Communications officer would also act as JAG, Diplomatic Liaison, and all around "go-fer." Of course, Winfield came along at a point in my life where, quite frankly, I didn't have time to do anything, let alone RP. Winfield began in 2002, went on hiatus for 2 years, then started and finished again in early 2004. I have asked the admin that he be @nuked as of Feb 2005 to make way for more useful bits of code, like a communicator or something.