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Primitive Drawing of SB45
Career File:Sflogomini.gif
Ordered: 2004
Commissioned: TBA
Fate: Under Construction
General Characteristics
Service: Starfleet
Registry: S-45
Class: Bernoulli
Type: Starbase
Propulsion: 4x starbase orbital thrusters
Cruise speed: 0 km/h
Top speed: 1400 km/h
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: 10x starship docking ports
full shuttlebay

<Insert information on Starbase 45 here.>

SB45 protects the mighty Federation against the evil LOLLERskaters and super-attack LMAOplanes that hark from the planet OMGWTFBBQ. Their continued aggression against the UFP is admirable, but ROFLBase 45 is there to keep them contained to their small world with the dreaded WTFbombs, a new marvel of Federation science.

Note: Fed Admin Dante is working on a new weapon, the A/S/L cannon, which may be installed on ROFLBase45 in the near future to aid in the fight against the pesky LOLPlanes.

Federation officers are commonly found in the ROFLbase's TTYL chat-bar, which is known to play an ancient Terran song called 'Highway to the Dangerzone' by a Kenny Loggins. We must assume this 'highway' is a super secret path through the Neutral Zone.

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