Raquel Lions

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Raquel spent her first five years of her life growing up in Mexico City. At that time, Raquel's family moved to Arizona and she got to meet her older cousin, Anne. Raquel greatly admired Anne, wanting to be just like her. So when Anne joined StarFleet, Raquel determined she would follow.


Before Anne's death, Raquel would occassionally help out at the Academy, doing secretarial work and such. However, her cousin would not let Raquel join StarFleet after the Saratoga was destroyed; stating she did not want to lose more loved ones to the Fleet. When she learned of her cousin's death on the Myron, Raquel decided she wanted to be Commandant as Anne had been.


Raquel is cheerful, despite losing her cousin recently. Because she spent several years living in Mexico, she speaks with a spanish accent.


  • Monday, September 2, 2002: Raquel is approved for IC, following the death of Anne Lions on the USS Myron