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This Character was created by the brass of Starfleet Command becuase we needed SOMEONE to be a head of SFA. A bunch of us had his password, and I can remember quite a few times interviewing cadets in one screen while flying on a mission with the Excalibur in the other. I *THINK* this is one of the VERY few times that people were allowed to multi play characters. It's stated that Dickerson was Killed in action.. I don't know how he died.. I'm pretty sure he was created with the rank of Admiral. - Tagrith's Player

Actually, Dickie has a little bit of a backstory to him; For a long time, SFA has been the yoke around the backs of Starfleet Command, because it's not only generally as boring as sin, but painfully lacking in anything to really do (let's face it, no human being can generally RP with cadets for long before losing their minds -- except perhaps Galinda, but she was one of a kind.)

So Dickie came into being. At one point, most of the officers above the rank of Lieutenant Commander had his password, with the strict admonishment that his 'rank' was never to be used outside of SFA. As far as I'm aware, we never had a single abuse of that, which is certainly something to take note of.

However, he has had a few roles outside of SFA, briefly serving both as a starship commander and fleet admiral during times of IC or OOC upheaval in the Federation (as getting new 'NPC' characters can be notoriously difficult sometimes, we admin do try to reuse them if necessary).

I don't actually recall if he was truly killed, or we all just got tired of his shuffling -- and the smell of muscle rub, I mean, Wilco smells bad enough. We don't need two. -- Dante

Dickerson's fate is unknown to this author, however, it's worth noting that he died of something, and this was a period in which a lot of ships were running into things. I theorize that he went down one of the myriad of ships that blew up back then...I mean, since when has Othic ever thrown away an NPC? Wilco 14:21, 16 Feb 2005 (CST)

Preceded by:
Anne Lions
Commandant of SFA Succeeded by:
Rigley O'Connor