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About the Player

RPG History

I started playing online RPG games probably in 8th grade, second semester most likely. The first was called "The Eternal City" - a text-based RPG based in ancient Rome in the city of Iridine. I started off playing a simple woodsman named Pratsutagus who later evolved quite a bit to include skills in using the spear and later on limited medical abilities. In TEC, the more skill sets you had, the harder it was to level them, so I never did get much past basic first aid - bandageing, and stitching (if you had a couple minutes - took me a bit)...was decent at spears, could hold my own against the NPCs at least. Originally he was just hung out in the wilderness, after taking up the spear he hung around town and in the bars more often, spent a bit of time working for one of the Patricians (cool guy, nice house - was a cook mainly, ran errands for him - good pay) but I quickly got bored with that, as you can imagine... Through him, and some people I met at the bars, I got introduced to some members of the local milita and joined one of their squads as a scout in our never-ending war with the Cinerians (NPCs that would occasionally attack the city, or one of our neighbors...). Best online game I've ever played, but I was forced to quit when a company called Skotos took it over and started charging a monthly fee to pay - known ingame as 'the great taxes.' My character went home. I came back a couple months later and started a 30-day trial character, different name, just to see what had changed - it sucked. Players' names were retarded, not even Roman anymore, and the RP sucked. Haven't been back since, no point, Skotos ruined it. During my time there, I Co-Founded a clan for woodsmen (cos when you first start out, its boring, and hard to make money to get on your feet) with a friend of mine named Talonthalas. Around the time of a big battle with the Cinerians, and I had become aquainted with some of the military and gladiators, we added a branch for the swordsman/etc type - a sort of milita, small at first. Talon left at some point for RL issues, I and the head soldier guy Ultimatius took over and we saw a shift in power within the clan more towards the milita side. Cool by me, Ulti was awesome, and I'd learned the spear by then. When Talon came back, we were very well established and him declaring himself sole leader of the clan stirred some trouble. It broke up - woodsman type following Talon and milita type following Ultimatius and myself, forming a small guild called the Sacred Circle. My time here was short lived because Skotos came along...

After leaving Iridine I joined a Star Trek PBEM called Antares Project. This community was pretty cool too. When I first joined this, a Marine unit had just been formed on one of the starships and was in need of members, so I jumped at that, creating a character named Michael Silverwolf (half Cherokee, half English). The Marines evolved into a group of its own, leaving the ship and establishing a planetary base of its own. I was a Marine Captain at the time (equivelant to the Navy's Lieutenant). We had a decent number of Marines and those of us in the middle ranks - Captains, Majors - began to spawn off different divisions of the Marines, all of which stayed on the planet and reported to the Colonel of course. I made a Special Operations Unit, there was also a fighter squadron (which later converted to the air force ranks) and later on a training camp, which was 'built' on the north end of the island the main base was on... There was a Combat Search and Rescue Team in the makings, but the guy that designed that had to leave for RL issues too and we reserved the idea for him in case he ever came back - never did. Antares Project fell apart when the 2 founders decided they'd had enough and I guess just stopped updating the website, paying for the server, whatever...we had quite a few ships, 2 starbases, and the marine base at the time. Most of the players left as a result, but we had enough for, I think, 2 ships, 1 starbase, and most of the Marines stick around and the Captains that hung around created a new community for us - the Phoenix Project. I stuck around there for awhile, made it up to Lieutenant Colonel (Navy equivelant - Commander) and had 2 NPCs - a Major which I think I killed, and a Sergeant who started off as my secretary, basically, but I later sent him up to the training camp as a drill sergeant - good times.

That's basically my RPG experience prior to TOS. I was recruited by Othic, who I've known IRL since the summer of 2002. I've kinda been floating in and out of TOS depending on what's going on with school, etc, and whether or not TOS is up. Really is hard to stay interested in this since I came when there's practically no activity compared to what I'm used to. In the Eternal City, there was a good hundred players on at any given time. So I'm here for a month or two, then I quit until Othic comes over MSN and says 'you should hang around on tos again.' Usually come back within a couple days.

About Me, and etc.

Birthdate: February 10th, 1986 - god, I'm going to be 20 soon :\

Siblings: 1 Brother, 5 years older than me.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Current Residence: Springfield, MO

Schooling: Graduated High School 2004; currently a sophomore at Missouri State University (Majoring in History)

Extracurricular, past and present: Was on a soccer team for awhile, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Chess Club for a short time - quit after beating the coach :P, Rock Climbing Club for awhile - was fairly new, didnt' do much with that...currently in ROTC

Interests: traveling (3 trips to Europe so far - 9 countries; 39/50 states), rock climbing/rapelling, camping, backpacking, shooting (guns and archery), history - military history in particular as well as Ancient Rome and the American Revolution era

Future Plans: Joining the Army as a Second Lieutenant when I graduate in Spring '08. Army Intelligence, most likely Counter Intelligence. After that, possibly CIA or NSA - dunno though. Want to spend some time stationed in either Western Europe or Russia, and I want to live/retire somewhere on the east coast - probably Boston or Philidelphia.

Favorite Game: America's Army, it owns. Go download it for free (google it, you'll find it) and come play with me - 'Pratsutagus' I'm on the Special Forces maps usually.

Favorite Color: Camouflage count? Black then...or blue :\ [Yeah, I just fell off the bridge...]

Favorite Food: I'm in College, what do you think? ...Chinese - ah ha, bet you weren't expecting that.

Favorite Music: Classic Rock, high school's drumline was freakin' awesome as well

Favorite Movie: Band of Brothers...not a 'movie' exactly, but yeah

Favorite Quote: "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." -John Stuart Mill

Now the big question:

Favorite Star Trek Series: Deep Space 9... I liked the cast, plot was good, and the starbase setting was good switch. Voyager got old real quick, think I've only seen 3-4 episodes of Enterprise, TNG was kinda meh, tho I do have them all on tape now (Uncle recorded them over the years, I got them for christmas one year =O), and I never really like TOS. Why am I playing a game based in TOS then? I blame Othic... ;)

Favorite Star Trek Movie: First Contact, followed by...yeah, sure - Khan :P


Ensign Richard Neville, Acting Chief of Security - USS Falkenberg

Biography - Neville

Coming Later - need to edit it again :P