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Robert Morse was one of the most famous Fleet Admirals in StarFleet history. Repeatedly decorated as a starship commander in his own right, Morse rose to the position of Commander-in-Chief by the mid-1990s. During his tenure, Starfleet saw one of its most active periods, with full crews aboard the USS Yorktown, USS Excelsior, and USS Federation.

Morse saw StarFleet through some difficult times. He was in charge during a brief war between the Federation and Klingon Empire in 1995, and ordered several daring and successful raids into Klingon space that helped bring about the end of that conflict. He was a distinguished member of the Federation Council, and a widely respected Federation Admin.

In 1996, Morse helped steer StarFleet through some of its most difficult times. He was forced to temporarily retire the Excelsior and the Federation when Excelsior faced a major crew shortage and Federation required a complete overhaul to conform with the new space system requirements. He transferred the Federation crew to USS Intrepid, and transferred Excelsior's to Starbase One and the Yorktown. The Yorktown and Starbase prospered under this arrangement, until the devastating loss of the Yorktown in a crash that wiped out nearly half of the active player population in StarFleet. Under Morse's guidance, the Fleet quickly recovered from this disaster.

Due to personal difficulties, Morse ultimately retired from StarFleet, and was replaced by Mitch Blackman, who had been in charge of StarFleet Naval Command under Morse. But he remains one of the most beloved figures in StarFleet history. The Miranda-class destroyer USS Morse was named in honour of the former Fleet Admiral.

Preceded by:
Starfleet Commander-in-Chief Succeeded by:
Mitch Blackman