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Admiral Roger C. Wilco was one of the most senior officers in Starfleet and one of its most decorated in history. Through over thirty years of Starfleet service, Wilco has done most everything there is to do, including starting a war and RPing with tiResias, and is universally respected by those smart enough to respect their elders.


Born on the small colony of Xanson V, a system out near the Klingon border, Wilco was the son of Larry Wilco, a career officer in Starfleet who was at the time first officer of the USS Hermes, the lead ship of the Hermes-class of scouts. The Xanson system of the day was a center for smuggler activity because of its extreme distance from the core of Starfleet power and proximity to Klingon territory, and it flowed relatively unimpeded by what little Fleet presence there was in the area. As such, Wilco spent his early youth relatively quietly, helping his mother with chores around their small farm and occaisonally seeing his father when the Hermes, which was assigned to patrol the sector against Klingon incursion, stopped by for supplies.

Smuggling troubles

When Wilco was 14, his father was promoted to command the Hermes after the retirement of the former captain. The elder Wilco immediately set about trying to bring the smugglers in line, who he felt were a grave security threat and might aid Klingon passage into the heart of Federation space. The Hermes was a small and aging scout, but it was still larger and significantly more powerful than the smuggler transports. As a result, the tide was immediately in Starfleet's favour, and the quick scout was able to get at and destroy a transport the instant it dared to poke its head out of a hiding spot. The situation was for a while very bad for the smugglers, but they had not lasted so long without reason.

Less than a year after the Hermes had begun its operations, one of the ship's engineers received a large bribe to sabotage the vessel's shield system. As a result, when the Hermes went off on its way to destroy another smuggler, she found her shields to be inoperative, and what remained of the operating smugglers closing on all sides. Successfully lured into the trap, Larry Wilco decided to fight rather than cut and run. Luckily for him, the Hermes was a considerably more powerful ship even without shields than anything the smugglers could present, but they had strength of numbers. The ensuing battle over Xanson V crippled the Hermes but destroyed the smugglers, with ultimately tragic consequences.

One of the transports was disabled by the Hermes in the early stages of the battle, and, caught in the gravity of the small planet, crashed into Xanson V's one small town. The effects of the crash of such a small ship would normally not be great, but the old-style reactor was a grave safety hazard when it smoked into a planet, and the resulting contamination rendered the area for miles around sterile and irradiated.

Starfleet Academy

It took the Federation several months to muster enough transports to evacuate the relatively unimportant colony, by which time several colonists (including Roger Wilco's mother) had taken fatally ill. The media reaction on Earth was typically sensationalistic, proclaiming the small battle with native smugglers a huge 'civil war' that had somehow broken out, and, in the quiet news environment of the day, feted Larry Wilco as if he was a hero. The elder Wilco was temporarily reassigned to Starfleet Command while the Hermes underwent refits, and his son spent the rest of his childhood growing up on Earth in the shadow of SFC, his resolve to join the Academy growing stronger with age.

At the age of 18, Wilco took advantage of the opportunity given to all able men his age, and applied to the Academy. He was seen as a trifle immature, but his marks had been good in school and he was in good shape, so he was accepted. In the Academy, Wilco trained as a security officer (something to the disappointment of his father, who as a former science major thought a little low of Starfleet Security), and passed with flying colours, displaying what one teacher called "a nice command attitude, a stong ability to take charge of a situation, and only a few problems that will be ironed out with time." Upon graduation, Wilco was assigned to Starbase One, and later served there under the command of renowned officer Thomas Lynx.

Starfleet service

The career begins

Wilco's initial career on the base was almost entirely unremarkable. During the Ikaran War, which was waged during his early career, Wilco saw very little active duty. He did not participate in the multi-empire battle over Ikar which concluded the conflict, and participated in only some space action. This did not stop him from calling the conflict "the greatest adventure of my life," saying that, "when you're a young officer, and that sort of thing is going on, you can't help but be really excited. Even if you're only on the periphery."

Years went by, and as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, Wilco was reassigned to the USS Excelsior as her Chief of Security. Wilco's tenure onboard Excelsior was mostly unremarkable, and he was settling into a good, long life as a career low officer. However, the abrupt destruction of Excelsior after it collided with Sol marked a turning point for Wilco's career, as the young Lieutenant had been on base when the ship left and failed to return to the vessel in time to make its doomed final flight. After the destruction of the cruiser, suspicion naturally fell on the 'sole survivor', and Wilco narrowly escaped court martial by being able to provide iron-clad alibies. Wilco was reassigned to the base, and it wasn't for years that suspicion entirely left Wilco. The media scrutiny and the skepticism of his comrades disheartened the Lieutenant, and for a time he considered early retirement. However, he resolved to stay on and see if things got better...which they did.

Wilco served onboard the USS Ulysses and USS Federation for several years during this period without receiving a promotion and invariably working as a security officer. Later, Wilco would be called "the longest-lived Lieutenant Junior Grade in fleet history", an accusation it is difficult to disprove. Serving under Captain Palin onboard the USS Saratoga changed that, however. Palin was soon to gain a reputation for turning junior officers into future commanders, and Wilco was among them. Before long under Palin, the aging Wilco had been promoted all the way to Lieutenant Commander and made Second Officer of the Saratoga. He had, at long last, hit the command track.

Moving on up

Wilco now moved to the USS Banneker (not long before the Saratoga's eventual destruction) as commanding officer, for the first time taking command of his own vessel. The Banneker was only lightly manned and Wilco's first command was unremarkable, as was his second (onboard the prestigious, but largely inactive, Federation). He saw some actual action in a brief tenure onboard the USS Excalibur, but having moved all the way up to Fleet Captain virtually instantly, Wilco was now making up for lost time with incredibly quick promotion. After the retirement of Fleet Admiral Katherine O'Connor, the 51-year old Wilco was advanced to the position of Starfleet Commander-in-Chief and the rank of Fleet Admiral. Incredibly, after being an incredibly old junior officer, he had now become one of the youngest Commanders-in-Chief Starfleet had yet seen.

Wilco tried to administer the reconstruction of a Fleet that had suffered major losses in recent years and was at the lowest ebb in its history. Although he managed to stop the bleeding and saw to some growth, his tenure was not particularly distinguished, and after less than a year on the job he resigned, moving down to Starfleet Operations. After the brief return of Fleet Admiral Neil Shukla, who Wilco personally liked, the new administration of Fleet Admiral John Clayton disagreed with many of Wilco's policies in Operations. After a lengthy personal debate with the new commanders, Admiral Wilco retired at the age of 53.


The retirement was not long-lived. Clayton was replaced by Fleet Admiral Alexander Riley, and other figures such as Commodore Josh Limboch of Starfleet Naval Command and Charles Abernathy of Starfleet Base Command were much more to Wilco's liking. As a result, the Admiral was induced to come out of retirement, and after just four months on the shelf returned to Starfleet as commander of Starfleet Logistics. He was once again promoted to Admiral on Stardate 13271.24, but has repeatedly stated that he has no ambitions to advance to CinC once again.

During his time in Logistics, he has seen little real active service but has been busy in a desk role. He has concluded several large supply contracts (ooh, exciting) and represented Starfleet at Nimbus III during negotiations to get Fleet Captain Rigley O'Connor returned from his captivity. More adventurously, he was captured by Orion pirates, placed onto a crippled shuttle, a few thousand GMs from Starbase One, and used to get a large ransom. However, Wilco, with the help of the Romulan ambassador Aidoann t'Khnialmnae, restored functionality to the shuttle and made a daring and heroic escape.

Personal honours

Wilco has received several awards and honours from Starfleet, including:

  • the Good Conduct award
  • Commendation Starship and Commendation Starbase
  • the Ground Combat award
  • the Starship Combat Action award
  • the Starfleet Achievement Medal
  • the Commendation Medal
  • the Ground Combat Commendation
  • the Starbase and Starship Combat Commendations
  • the Starfleet Achievement Award
  • the Starfleet Meritorious Service award
  • the Purple Heart
  • the Bronze Star
  • the Silver Cross
  • the Distinguished Fleet Service award
  • the Distinguished Service Cross
  • the Starfleet Medal of Honor

One of Wilco's more ignomious claims to fame is the so-called "Wilco curse", whereupon any ship he is assigned to will promptly be lost in a meaningless and senseless way. The terrifying nature of this curse can be seen by an examination of his assignments:

  • Starbase One: not lost (but it's a starbase)
  • USS Excelsior: the famous Stellar Run while he was assigned to her
  • USS Ulysses: lost in battle with Klingons shortly after he left
  • USS Federation: not lost (but was rendered inactive shortly after his command tenure ended)
  • USS Saratoga: lost in battle almost immediately after he left
  • USS Banneker: not lost, mostly inactive after he left, was sent in for refit
  • USS Excalibur: lost in battle shortly after he left

Personal life

Wilco is not a big family man. He was an only child, and when his parents died as a natural consequence of the years, Wilco's closest living relative was a cousin who ran a farming supply store on Centaurus and who did not much stay in touch. He has also had little real romantic involvement, as during his youth he was a little bit of an unlikeable asshole, and as he got older he also got...well, old.

For a time, Wilco had a 'thing' going with some Andorian chick, however, the relationship was not exactly on the fast track, and when she died in a reactor accident or something, Wilco was hardly bent over with tears and sorrow. He did have a much more serious relationship with the then-Romulan ambassador Aidoann t'Khnialmnae, and was engaged to marry her, however, she was captured by her own people for daring to consort with a mere hu-man. Wilco believes her to be executed or at least in captivity, however, he is naturally uninformed on the situation and the Romulans are hardly likely to tell him. That makes him sad.


On stardate 13580, Admiral Wilco was on a standard patrol of Federation space as an observer on the USS Falkenberg, Captain Michael Smith commanding. While en route, the Falkenberg received and answered a distress hail from a damaged Federation freighter. Wilco boarded with Lieutenant Brianne McCree and an away team to see what the situation on the freighter was.

While the away team was onboard the freighter, both a Romulan vessel and the former Orion ship OKV KageKuro, now under Klingon control, arrived on the scene in Nimbus space. Some exciting communicator bravado went on during this point, culminating in the KageKuro sending a repair team to assist the freighter and requesting a meeting on commercial matters as soon as possible. As Wilco happened to be around anyway and as a former head of Starfleet Logistics at least knew what an economy was, he boarded the KageKuro onboard the Falkenberg's shuttle Archangel to talk about what there was to talk about.

After a conversation, the contents of which have yet to be revealed, Wilco reboarded the Archangel and departed the KageKuro. By this time, the Falkenberg and the Romulan vessel had departed, and the Archangel made its plodding way to Earth. While still in Nimbus space and within long-range sensor range of both the KageKuro and Port Paradise, the Archangel was accosted by the Klingon destroyer IKV qul mI'wI', which locked weapons without hailing. The Archangel hailed the Klingon warship but received no reply and was shot down.

The captain of the KageKuro sent a mail message to the Falkenberg at Starbase One stating that he had observed the attack, the first that Starfleet had heard of it (beyod the fact that Wilco was well overdue). After a lengthy search in Nimbus space, wreckage of the Archangel was found in Nimbus space, and DNA was found that matched Admiral Wilco's on file. As a result, the search was ended and he was considered killed in action.

Wilco's Funeral

The text of Wilco's funeral is too long to be included here and can be found at Wilco's Funeral instead.

Posthumous Honours

While it has been mere days since the Admiral's tragic departure, rumors are already flying as to how he will be appropriately honoured. While the obvious ones, such as the sector's largest booze -n- babes orgy, have already been discarded, a more persistant rumor seems to be that the exclusive Officer's Club on Starbase One is to be renamed 'The Wilco Club' in commemoration of Roger's more lasting contributions to Starfleet; namely, booze and the occasional babe.

There is also some rumblings about other stuff, but all we care about is the booze.

Preceded by:
Katherine O'Connor
Starfleet Commander-in-Chief Succeeded by:
Adrianne Brooks
Preceded by:
Richard Tulani
Commandant of SFA Succeeded by:
Richard Tulani