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The TOS Romulan Star Empire is based heavily on sources we consider to be canon. There was little direct reference to the Romulans in the Original Series, and information was derived from other sources, primarily these TOS Novels:

  • "My Enemy, My Ally" (MEMA) by Diane Duane, Published by Pocket Books. ©1984
  • "The Romulan Way" (TRW) by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, Published by Pocket Books. ©1987

Other lesser sources of information include:

  • "Spock's World" by Diane Duane, Published by Pocket Books. ©1989
  • "The Pandora Principle" by Carolyn Clowes, Published by Pocket Books. ©1990
  • "The Great Starship Race" by Diane L. Carey, Published by Pocket Books. ©1993
  • "Star Trek Compendium" by Allan Asherman, Published by Pocket Books. ©1986

These two newer books By Diane Duane that follow up MEMA and TRW are still being considered for official inclusion as a primary canon source for TOS-TrekMUSE:

  • "Swordhunt" by Diane Duane, Published by Pocket Books. ©2000
  • "Honor Blade" by Diane Duane, Published by Pocket Books. ©2001

It is recommended that you read MEMA and TRW to adequately understand the setting and history of the empire; reading these books can help greatly with your understanding of what it 'means' to 'be a Romulan' as well as clarifying difficult concepts such as House structure and Mnhei'sahe.

We do NOT base our language or empire structure on that used by other Trek MUSEs such as TNG TrekMUSE, DSMUSE or ATS; we derive primarily from the above 'canon sources', with our own additions thrown in, and if you have come to us from one of those places you may find you need to 'unlearn' some words and expectations.

We have in the past had several Feature Characters, such as Aidoann (a character from TRW and MEMA). She was allowed in the empire since Ael of the same books returned to the empire and served as Fvillha for a span (several years ago). Her crew was therefore pardoned and allowed to live their lives normally. Aidoann was killed in the D'Hajhudh Tragedy, along with many others. Currently there are no feature characters, although there are several RP-Only characters (characters which exist purely in RP mode, and are never OOC.)

In summary, we have become extremely fond of Diane Duane's original vision of the Romulans, as derived from the original series. We have even adopted her original Romulan language guide and word-generation program into TOS. Although some aspects of her vision were continued in later series, such as TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, we feel Paramount has taken too many liberties with the original race to even consider them as valid, regardless of the timeline differentials. And lets not even talk about the movie 'Nemesis'.

(S'Kard's note: Originally, she was commisioned to do a 5th book, but it was cancelled by the Publisher. So they put out 'Rihannsu' which is a compilation of the first 4. Recently, it was released that the fifth book, "The Empty Chair", was re-commisioned, and is on the way for publishing. Regardless, you can pick up the 4 books, or the compilation book on Amazon dirt cheap. Very worth the reads, Rom fan or not.)

Other Resources

Romulan Encyclopedia - This is an online colaboration collecting past resources of things Romulan, particularly language. SOme of the sources used are canon, many others derived from places such as TOS (In fact, TOS-derived Romulan information has been included in this collaboration). Words, terms, and other information on this site are not canon, but it's a great source for names.

USS COURAGEOUS - Apparently ths is some online game, or fan site of a game, or, well, I don't know. But we've shared information with them before (via Jo), and I nabbed there more condensed version of Romulan origins for our pages. Another good website, but again, not canon.