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The Romulan Star Empire is the apparatus of Romulan government and organization. The Rihannsu, as they prefer to call themselves, are famous for their stuckupity, superiority complex, and incredible physical and mental attractiveness which makes them hopelessly desireable to all right-thinking members of the other Empires.

The Romulans are led by whoever leads them, and typically do lots of things. The Star Empire is fond of cloaking devices and of having lots of starbases that they can't man. They're also fond of not writing wiki entries about themselves.

Government Overview

The Rihannsu government revolves around the mnhei'sahe of the individual, the individual's hfihar (house), and the individual's Empire. Mnhei'sahe is a complex word, and may be translated as meaning different things, from personal honour to love, depending on the context.

The Rihannsu Tricameron government is divided into three main branches. An executive branch, called the Praetorate, is responsible for maintaining order and performing the duties of a presidential cabinet. The president is the daise'Fvillha, or highest Praetor.

The Deihu'kri (Senate) comprises the other two branches, being divided into two houses, upper and lower, with the lower being responsible for proposing and drafting legislation. The upper senate, typically filled with hard-line conservatives, is responsible for vetoing or passing this legislation before it reaches the Praetorate.


The Praetorate itself is a cabinet composed of twelve Rihannsu from various districts across the Imperium. The Fvillha appoints Praetors to fill positions vacated by former Praetors due to illness, duress, death and the like. Praetors serve until incapacitated or the current Fvillha leaves office in like manner. The Praetorate is responsible for vetoing, endorsing and enforcing legislation passed by the senate.

The Praetorate is able to declare war, peace, economic sanctions, executive orders for a maximum period of twelve weeks, and is ultimately responsible for the actions of planetary governors.


The dais'Fvillha (President/Chief Praetor), is an elected position, fulfilling the need for a single highest representative of the Romulan Star Empire. Previously, this was the Emperor's role, but that practice was disbanded before the TOS TrekMUSE timeline.

The Fvillha is able to speak for the Praetorate on matters that require immediate attention, and when the Praetorate is unable to meet for some reason. The Fvillha also enjoys the privileges of a head of state in treatment from both civilians and military personnel, particularly if the Fvillha has served in the military at a prior date. Fvillha's have the final say-so in naming starships as a matter of honour. There are very few privileges otherwise.

Past Fvillhas:

  • Vasami tr'Joachim (assassinated)
  • Rae'henaj tr'Rhelliael-thra'ein (Served for a year before falling ill and dying.)
  • Sh'ren tr'Vaebn (served for 50 years, killed in a hunting accident.)
  • Katan tr'Joachim (served for a year, mysteriously lost in deep space.)
  • S'Tane t'Rhelliael-thra'ein (forced out of office, went into Monastery Isolation.)
  • Velvok tr'Vaebn (Acting Fvillha, killed in the D'Hajhudh Tragedy.)
  • S'Cryn tr'Khnialmnae (Left office after 10 years to join monastery)
  • Athaorh tr'Mnhaell'hu (Retired)
  • Pwyll tr'Khnialmnae (Assasinated)
  • S'Kurn tr'Mnhaell'hu (Current)


Ra'tlei'hfi, Romulan capitol city on Ch'Rihan.

The senate is divided into two houses, upper and lower, with the lower being responsible for proposing and drafting legislation. This lower senate is primarily comprised of the lower (non-Noble) hfihars. The upper senate, comprised of representatives of the 'Great Hfihars', typically filled with hard-line conservatives, is responsible for vetoing or passing this legislation before it reaches the Praetorate.

Regional Governing

Regional governing is organized into several planetary governors, who oversee in turn continental/district proconsuls and who report to a single senior governor for their star system. For example, each of the cities on ch'Rihan has assigned to it a proconsul who enforces legislation and maintains security. Each of these proconsuls report to the planetary governor of ch'Rihan. The Planetary governor of ch'Rihan then reports to the regional governor of the Eisn System, who is responsible for ch'Rihan, Ch'Havran, and the civilian sections of the ChH Rokhelh'Ael spacedock in orbit there.

More information on the government hierarchy can be found at Romulan civilian ranks.


There are other agencies that are administered by the government and aid in maintaining order in the imperium. These are the Galae (Naval Fleet), the Sherau'khfi (Diplomatic Corps.), The Rihannsu Hfeifv-Arrinhai (Rihannsu Economic Ministry), and the efw'Khelh (Intelligence Corps.)

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