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Duty Uniform

File:Rom ereins.jpg
Romulan Junior Officrs questioning orders again, moments before their deaths.

The standard Galae duty uniform is unisex, and consists of a grey tunic with black trim, matching grey slacks with black trim, and a black belt 10 centimeters wide. A Cobalt-mesh Sash is worn over the right shoulder, which will vary in color depending the individuals rank (see listing below). An under-tunic, matching the color of the sash, is sometimes worn underneath the grey duty tunic. Their is also a rank pin worn on the sash, a ship pin below that, and a department pin just below the ship pin. (see listings below). Black non-conductive combat boots, almost knee-high are expected, but black gloves are optional. A personal equipment belt is allowed to be worn with the uniform, and hangs slightly below the standard duty belt, which is integral to the slacks. Since Arrains and above /may/ be allowed to be armed on duty, a holster for those ranks is acceptable as well. Pistols only however, except for security personnel who may be issued a disruptor rifle, assuming they are not at a duty console. A Gold-Tritanium helmet must be worn by Enarrains and lower.

You will notice that hfihar decorations are not acceptable on a Duty uniform. This is due to the practice that while on duty, the crew belongs to the ship, and the CO is the hru'Hfirh (House Leader). This is critical in order to ensure that domestic politics do not interfere with the effective operation of the vessel.

Dress Uniform

The Dress uniform is fairly similar to the duty uniform, with a few exceptions. Gray silken trousers and tunic (without the black trim as found on the Duty uniform), secured with a black service belt. A Cobalt-mesh sash secured on the right shoulder, color as per the rank indicators found below. On the sash (In decending order from the right shoulder), would be found the following pins: Imperial Emblem, House Sigil, Rank pin, Ship pin, and Department pin. Grey dress boots, as opposed to the black duty boots, would be worn as well. Utility belts are not acceptable at formal occasions, but a sheath is expected, since personnel ranked above Erein may wear a dagger with their dress uniform. Personnel ranked Enarrain and above may wear a sabre instead of the dagger with dress uniform, and Ship Commanders may be seen wearing the ship's sword, assuming the function is extremely formal and in secure Romulan Territory. A Riov would never let the sword off the ship in foreign lands. Keep in mind that these weapons are purely for ceremonial purposes, and would not be wielded or used for combat.

Environmental Suit

Work Tunic

The Galae work tunic is basically a coverall that is worn in lieu of, or over, the duty uniform. Typically these are worn by engineering technicians (non-officers), or by officers while performing ship maintenance in dock. It is simply a one-piece jumpsuit, neutral grey, worn with duty boots and gloves. Rank, ship, and department pins are worn on the shoulder crest where the sash would normally be affixed.

Identification Insignia

Sash Rank Indicators

File:Rom riovs.jpg
Two Romulan senior ship-officers arguing over which Erein to sacrifice first.

Sash Colors:

  • Blue - Cadet/Erredh (No stripe on Sash)
  • Blue - Erein (1 stripe on Sash)
  • Blue - Erei'Arrain (2 stripes)
  • Blue - Arrain (3 stripes)
  • Red - Enarrain (1 stripe)
  • Red - erei'Riov (2 stripes)
  • Red - Riov (3 stripes)
  • Blue-Grey - galae'Riov (1 stripe)
  • Blue-Grey - khre'Riov (2 stripes)
  • Blue-Grey - erei'Enriov (3 stripes)
  • White - Enriov (1 stripe)
  • White - galae'Enriov (2 stripes)

The stripes are of a slightly darker hue of the Sash and are at the top of the Sash where it is afixed to the shoulder, lying horizontally.

Rank Pins

File:Rom rank pins.jpg
Romulan Rank pins

This is an image showing the ansi-art renditions of the Romulan rank pins.

As a side-note, the Romulans have a uniform parent for Galae officers, which will automatically include the artwork for the various pins in their desc's if desired. Romulan Galae members should type MILHELP while in ooc for more info and help on this system.

Department Pins

File:Rom dept pins.jpg
Romulan Department Pins

This is an image showing the ansi-art renditions of the department pins. Note that the Chief officer of any of these departments will be denoted with a gold/yellow version of this pin. Obviously, the Command pin is always gold/yellow.

Ship Pins

File:Rom ship pins.jpg
Romulan Ship Pins

This is an image showing the ansi-art renditions of the various Romulan ship pins. Note that only a few of the bases have pins assigned to them, since these were the only 3 that had players assigned to them. The Valoth's pin is shown for history's sake. If anyone knows the Blacklight's old pin art, feel free to add it here.