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The Romulan Empire consists of 3 'core' planets (the two home-worlds, Ch'Rihan and Ch'Havran, and nearby Gorwah), three rim planets (D'Ranthi, Thieurrull, and Ch'Vall), and naturally the Tholian worlds. Three 'outer-rim' planets were scheduled for deployment, situated in the 'back-country'. Romulans apparently love the number 3. Three cities per world, three worlds per 'shell', three shells in the Empire (not including the Firelands Province).

Original Romulan Territory

Eisn System

Aelhr System

Ilu'thurim System

Ehdeidl / Thlroi System

Kosnr System

Firelands Province (ex-Tholian Territory)

Yo'n'ia / Dlth'cho System


The following planets were planned for inclusion starting 2003, but due to significant drops in the Romulan playerbase, and TOS in general, put on hold for the future.

Nivea System

Aekhoii System

Vaerh System