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Romulan starbases and outposts are built on Ch'Havran, where as ships are built on Ch'Rihan, hence the ChH and ChR prefixes, respectively. Naturally, the bulk of the manufacturing is performed on shipyards on each of these planets, then assembled in spacedocks orbitting each planet. The HgR prefix for RHA vessels refers to the final assembly spacedock over Gorwah. There is also a relatively secret spacedock deep within Romulan territory that is used for final powerup of Galae vessels and testing before commissioning.

Active Service

Bases / Outposts

Retired or Destroyed

Destroyed May 31st, 1997 after colliding with the HgR D'Hajhudh. See: D'Hajhudh Tragedy and Ihlarei Incident

Destroyed May 31st, 1997 after colliding with the ChR Ihlarei. See: D'Hajhudh Tragedy

Destroyed Feb 28th, 1998 during Ikaran Conflict

Destroyed May 27, 1999 during an attack on a Klingon Starbase.

Destroyed 2001. Merged with Eisn after being shanghai'd by a young RHA official to flee from her superiors.

Destroyed Nov. 12, 2005 by Klingons.

Under Construction

Backup ships, or ships once planned for commissioning but scrapped for others due to the needs at the time.