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Starfleet Command is, in a broad sense, the department responsible for the major operations of Starfleet. As their name implies, Starfleet Command commands the fleet, dictates overall strategy, authorizes starship and starbase commission, handles the assignment of officers, and generally takes care of much of the day-to-day operation and grand strategy that a large machine such as Starfleet inevitably requires. For practical purposes, Starfleet Command is divided into Starfleet Naval Command and Starfleet Base Command. At one time Starfleet Training Command was responsible for Starfleet Academy and the Starfleet Command College. SFTC was later scraped and SFC began to exercises responsibility over Starfleet Academy and minor departments such as Starfleet Logistics and Starfleet Operations.

The commander of Starfleet Command is the Commander-in-Chief, currently Josh Limboch.