Starbase One

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Starbase One in Earth orbit
Career File:Sflogomini.gif
Ordered: 1993
Commissioned: March 1994
Fate: in active service
General Characteristics
Service: Starfleet
Registry: S-01
Class: Ournal
Type: Starbase
Propulsion: 4x starbase orbital thrusters
Cruise speed: 0 km/h
Top speed: 1400 km/h
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: 10x starship docking ports
full shuttlebay

Many starships have come and gone, yet Starbase One still remains one of Starfleet's oldest and most distinguished installations. It has been through multiple refits, wars, disease outbreaks, starship collisions, multiple attacks by Romulans, Klingons , Orions, and Xeexin.

Starfleet Facilities

Starbase One’s main purpose is providing operational support for the fleet. Its vast interior provides repair and maintenance services as well as docking space for multiple vessels. Cargo bays store supplies for fleet operations. It also contains one of Starfleet’s premiere science labs.

Other Facilities

Besides being a Starfleet facility starbase one also contains a promenade that contains various stores as well as the ever popular Neutral Zone bar and grill. Its botanical garden has been the host to multiple weddings, while it’s Memorial Chapel has been host to multiple funerals and honors those who have died in service of the Federation.

Starbase One is also the home of Starfleet Base Command and also houses offices for various other Starfleet Command officers. The USS Banneker is also attached to the Starbase as a mean’s for its crew to assist in fleet operations when required.

Noted Service

During it’s very long service life it has been commanded by some of Starfleet’s finest commanders Gwynne, ElGatoMalo, Jeremiah Banks, Sedack, Neil Shukla, Bryan Gargano, Palin, and Roger Wilco to name only a few. Starbase One has been host to many diplomatic conferences and is also known for a famous drill session that resulted in the crew capturing the IKV t'QatSo. Starbase One’s conference rooms till proudly carries the symbol of the “USS t’QatSo” on its chairs.

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