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TOSWiki Disclaimer (May be unsuitable for some viewers)

All referenced materials within pertaining to TOS TrekMUSE, or any of it's parts (in whole or in any substituent component thereof), any code and/or other copyrightable material that is not otherwise attributable directly to Paramount Pictures (the holders of Star Trek(tm) franchise rights and all other IP rights associated with the trademarked name, including but not limited to feature films, animated series -- no matter how awful, motion pictures (especially the odd-numbered ones, because they suck), William Shatner's toupee (wait.. does he own that?), any verifiable copies of Leonard Nimoy singing ' If I Had a Hammer ', and/or any of those short-lived record + comic book combinations that look like paper vomit.. anyway. if Paramount doesn't own it, TOS TrekMUSE Enterprises probably does, and we really don't want to get in trouble, because we're just trying to catalogue it.

So don't sue us. Please.

(Oh, yes. As a side note. Anyone using this info on TOS TrekMUSE itself for IC purposes will be forced to clean Roger C. Wilco's feet for a full week. Trust us. You don't want to do that.)