USS Ulysses

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USS Ulysses in a rare intact moment
Career File:Sflogomini.gif
Ordered: 1997?
Commissioned: 1997?
Fate: destroyed
General Characteristics
Service: Starfleet
Original Registry: NCC-1315
Class: Hermes
Type: Scout
Propulsion: 1x warp nacelle
impulse engines
Cruise speed: Warp 10.5
Top speed: Warp 13
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: none

The USS Ulysses was a Starfleet scout of the Hermes-class, and is most famous as the first starship to encounter the legendary and dangerous Ikarans, with unfortunate results for the crew onboard. In addition to her experience during the Ikaran War, the Ulysses was a famed scout in Starfleet service, and became well-known for having the tar beat out of it at the slightest provocation. Despite a tendancy to completely fall apart at extremely inconvenient times, and a design that could be loosely described as "really cramped", the Ulysses was beloved by her crew for her quirks and her sheer, starship-based insanity. Her eventual destruction at the hands of the Klingon navy was a sad day for Starfleet history.

Her career begins

The Ulysses was one of the first ships to really fill the roll of a deep-space scout. Durable (in theory), quick, and capable of crossing huge chunks of space on a single supply of antimatter, the Ulysses was a new weapon in the Starfleet arsenal that did not previously exist, in a fleet dominated by big ships like the USS Federation and the USS Excelsior. From the beginning, expectations for the Ulysses were extremely high, and it was thought that the Uly (as she was affectionately known) would be a well-built battle-avoiding machine.

(OOCly, the Ulysses was designed for one very proud, noble purpose: having the shit beat out of it to begin the Ikaran TP. After this, however, it was brought into regular service as a Starfleet scout)

The Ikaran War

The crew of the Ulysses were the first Alpha Quadrant denizens to encounter the fearsome Ikarans, with tragic consequences. Flight recorder data retrieved by Admiral John Falkenberg on the Federation showed that the Ikaran psionic powers had driven the crew off the edge, which resulted in fighting amongst the crew and the eventual self-destruction of all hands. The Federation boarded the Ulysses to find the crew had holes drilled into their skulls and their brains sucked out, an ominous indication indeed.

Upon being repaired, the Ulysses served in the ensuing Ikaran War in her native role as a swift-moving scout. She did not do much worth talking about in the war, although she was probably involved in the Battle of Ikar (not that the author knows for sure).

After Ikar

In her post-Ikaran career, the Ulysses did not see considerable action worth talking about. For the most part, the Ulysses was used on short patrols, the bread-and-butter of Starfleet, but the instant things got hot, it wasn't usually the first ship out of port to rush into battle. However, it did see at least one more notable action in her career. In the infamous race for Tholian territory, the Ulysses followed the USS Republic as the second Starfleet ship to rush into Tholian space and ran, with the Republic, for Tholia. There, they found the Romulan Galae cruiser ChR Valoth had already got the orbiting starbase online, and the Ulysses was forced to withdraw.

In the ensuing days of border harrassment, the Ulysses and her commanding officer Scott Hall were on the front line. The Ulysses frequently darted into Tholian space and got on the Galae's nerves in a big way, although it did not do any actual damage. The Ulysses was on one of these little harrassment missions when they noticed that the Romulans had not laid a hand on the outpose Omicron, one of the former Tholian bases. The result was an event that stuck in the craw of many Starfleet officers for years to come, the Omicron Incident.

During the Incident, the Ulysses achieved possibly the greatest invididual accomplishment in the history of scout ships. With the Starfleet flagship USS Federation being captured by the crew of the hated Valoth, the Ulysses under Starfleet Academy Commandant Thomas Lynx was ordered to try and retrieve the Federation. Incredibly, against odds too long to even be worth mentioning, the Ulysses succeeded. The heroics of Lynx and the ship he was onboard are better detailed on the Omicron Incident page.

Naturally, keeping up a proud tradition, the Ulysses was shot up quite badly in the event.

Final fate

After a period of noble service in Starfleet, the Ulysses did not accomplish a lot in her last years. For the most part, the Ulysses did not have an active crew in her later period, and despite her glorious and heroic record, the Ulysses was far from Starfleet's most glorious starship.

Her last battle is shrouded in some mystery. It is known that the Ulysses was defeated in combat by a Klingon vessel, but the name or class of the Klingon ship, the commander of the Ulysses, and the events of battle are completely unknown. However, the defeat of the Ulysses brought an end to one of Starfleet's most storied and historically significant vessels, and was a sad day for all of the officers old enough to remember her.

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