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The United Federation of Planets, more colliqually known as the Federation, is one of the three (formerly four) major powers in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the galaxy. The Federation is the only true democracy of the three powers, featuring elections to determine all of the major civillian offices, who in turn appoint the top military commanders. The Federation is ruled by a Federation Council, led by the President who is elected to a four-year term. Each of the three major planets also elects its own leader, who handles local affairs.

Federation Structure

Logo of the United Federation of Planets
The Federation is famous for its policies of multiculturalism and exploration, and has three primary worlds, Earth, Vulcan, and Centaurus, which form the core planets in the Federation and are each mostly inhabited by a seperate race. Other Federation worlds of note include Remulak, a small trading post and the Federation end of the Nimbusian transport system; Plilaun, a farming center and popular trading outpost; and the Tantalus V prison colony.

Technically, the Federation has a seperate security and military force. United Federation of Planets Security is tasked with civil affairs, while Starfleet maintains territorial sovereignty, handles military operations, and heads the scientific forces of the Federation. In reality, however, Starfleet frequently finds itself handling civic security duties beyond simple police services, and the Fleet is usually called upon to handle large-scale matters such as saboteurs. The Fleet also typically takes care of its own justice, and a Starfleet officer found guilty of a court-martial offense will usually find themselves incarcerated in a Starfleet brig rather than a Federation facility.

The United Federation of Planets is centered at the governmental building in the Cochrane Courtyard on San Francisco, Earth, where the Council meets. In recent years, criticism has come from some civillian quarters that Starfleet has been dominating the Federation Council, and some have angrily proclaimed that virtually ever request that Starfleet has to send through the council (for instance, an increase in budget) is virtually rubber-stamped by a highly Fleet-friendly council. However, the popularity of the resurgent Fleet and pride in new military hardware has seen Starfleet-friendly members returned in elections, meaning it is unlikely that Starfleet will lose its significant governmental friends.

Federation History


  • Stardate 13039.67, Election completed, Nahal becomes the new President of the United Federation of Planets.
  • Stardate 13321.80, Nahal is unanimously impeached and removed from authority, replaced on an interim basis by MacGregor, former chief councillor.

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