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Zachary LeVasseur was the longtime Commandant of StarFleet Academy as well as the engineer, ship designer and Captain of USS Intrepid.

LeVasseur began his career around 1995, serving aboard USS Yorktown under Fleet Captain Natua. He also served as an academy instructor, and was instrumental in the creation of the internship program, in which senior cadets were stationed aboard starships for a week under the guidance of a crew member who doubled as an instructor as part of a final exam process pending graduation.

LeVasseur also became the subject of later controversy when he failed Gavelin Brody on his internship aboard the Yorktown, accusing him of treason for allegedly beaming a recording device into downtown San Fransisco from Starbase One. While StarFleet Command did not treat these charges very seriously, they ignored Brody's request for an investigation to clear his name, and ordered that he repeat his internship. Brody refused, and left StarFleet for a time, joining the Federation Merchant Marine.

It was believed by many who knew LeVasseur, whose temper was legendary, that the event was blown out of proportion after a personal disagreement between LeVasseur and Brody during which LeVasseur believed the cadet had disobeyed him. However, in later years Brody refused to comment on the incident, so little is known.

LeVasseur later was promoted and assigned to serve as Commandant of the academy. During his tenure the academy went through many changes, including a major curriculum overhaul. LeVasseur built the original Kobayashi Maru simulator, created the academy's automated application system, and oversaw construction of the academy's Advanced Training Facility on Luna.

During his time at the academy, LeVasseur, whose original expertise was in engineering, also held a position with StarFleet Research and Development, specifically in its starship division. He designed an update of the Hermes-class Scout, which was constructed largely under his supervision as the USS Intrepid. He had hoped the Intrepid would be assigned to the academy as a training ship, but StarFleet Command recognized its potential and transferred Fleet Captain Charles Nicolosi and his crew to the vessel when USS Federation was sent to drydock for a major refit. LeVasseur made no secret of his displeasure that a ship he regarded as "his" was assigned to someone else's command.

He continued his work for Fleet R&D, however, and was the principle designer of the USS Constellation, the first vessel of what became the Constellation-class. No ship of that class was constructed during his lifetime, however.

After several years at the Academy, he requested reassignment from StarFleet Command. Having earned the rank of Captain, LeVasseur believed he deserved the chance to show his stuff as a starship commander. He recommended his Vice Commandant, Sovek, be promoted to run the academy when he learned of a command opening aboard the ship he had so long covetted, the Intrepid.

Intrepid had gone through a difficult period after her most famous commander, Captain John Falkenberg, transferred to take command of the new USS Excelsior. Falkenberg's former first officer, Commander Sencus, was promoted to command the Intrepid, but soon found himself unfit for the demands of the job and resigned, leaving the ship leaderless for a time. Fleet Admiral Mitch Blackman had reservations about appointing LeVasseur, who had been a "desk jockey" for many years, to take over the Intrepid, so Zac turned to his friend Falkenberg for a recommendation. Captain Falkenberg somewhat reluctantly recommended LeVasseur as the best available option to command the Intrepid, and Blackman ultimately agreed.

LeVasseur quickly began to develop a close relationship between the Intrepid and his former posting at StarFleet Academy, and quickly made the ship available to Sovek for training missions. Shortly after taking command, however, LeVasseur contracted a mysterious illness and sought treatment aboard Starbase One. He left his first officer, Commander Opie Taylor, with orders to continue to coordinate with the academy for training missions.

One night during LeVasseur's illness, Commandant Sovek requested that Commander Taylor help him evaluate a group of senior cadets prior to graduation through an extended training cruise to the Centaurus system. As the Intrepid was short on crew, several members of the crews of Starbase One and the Excelsior volunteered to help out on the training cruise. During the course of the mission, Commandant Sovek himself had to take navigation, a position for which he was not well trained. It is believed he committed a serious pilot error that led to the destruction of the Intrepid with all hands aboard.

LeVasseur, still recovering on Starbase One, was now the sole survivor of his crew. Overwhelmingly ashamed of this, he was placed on suicide watch for several days. When the starbase received a distress call from a Federation colony whose star was unexpectedly about to go supernova, however, LeVasseur roused himself and took command of a relief operation. During this operation, solar radiation made the use of transporters unwise, and survivors had to be transported via shuttlecraft. When the last shuttlecraft was preparing to leave, there was not enough room for the last survivors, and LeVasseur gave up his seat so that the last civilian could escape. The Excelsior, which by this time had arrived on the scene to help with the rescue effort, tried to beam LeVasseur aboard despite the interference, but the Captain refused to signal his coordinates. The star then exploded, and Excelsior and the other rescue ships had to go to warp to escape.

The transporter operator on the Excelsior later reported that he could have beamed LeVasseur aboard had he only signalled with his communicator. Those who knew Zac best, however, believed he was so ashamed by the loss of his ship after only a short time in command that he chose death rather than continue to face life as the sole survivor of the Intrepid.

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