IKS Khitomer

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Commissioned: Unknown
Class: Negh'Var
Fate: Classified by High Council
General Characteristics
Service: Klingon Defense Force
Type: Battleship
Length: 682.32 metres
Width: 470.09 metres
Height: 136.65 metres
Mass: 4,310,000 metric tons
Crew Compliment: 2500
Propulsion: 4x Warp nacelles

Impulse engines.

Cruise speed: Unknown
Top speed: Unknown
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: 1x small to medium ship port

Full shuttlecraft

Defense Sytems: Deflector Shields, Cloaking Device
Armament: 20 Ship-mounted Disruptor Cannons, 2 Heavy Disruptors, 4+ Torpedo Launchers

General Info

From the wreckage of a war torn and near financialy ruined Empire, comes the most promising ship in the Klingon Empires' history. A young Warrior and his family contributed massive amounts of time and money re-investing in the Imperial Klingon Empire still having hope and faith that this proud race could regain her place as the most Elite Empire in the Galaxy. Q'judj'Yas personally oversaw Operations in every facet in the Construction Phases of this Magnificent Battleship. The IKS Khitomer is now believed to be in her Final stage nearing completion and pending final inspection of High Council.


The IKS Khitomer came as an early development project to Q'judj'Yas and the Lir Warfare Science Center on Qo'nos. The WSC had researched and began to try to redesign the Destroyer's in an attempt to place larger and more weaponry on the ships, but continued having problems. Month after month; the WSC and it's Research facitilies continued looking for a way to design a better ship. One afternoon during a meeting at the Warfare Research Institute, Q'judj'Yas was doodling on a sketch pad with no peticular thought in mind, when a senior researcher walked up behind him thinking he was not paying attention and saw what he had drawn. The researcher roared out in excitement slapping Q'judj'Yas on the back. "That is brilliant young warrior!" he said. Q'judj'Yas looked up at the researcher; then back down at his drawing not fully realizing that not only had he accidental drawn a much larger ship than anything currently in the fleet, but he had in fact designed a structurally solid new design for a battleship.

Warfare Engineering Department

It would take massive amounts of money, time and people to gather the needed resources to begin such a major project, but the Lir WSC didn't mind investing in a project that would ultimately prove to be a vast benefit to the Imperial Klingon Empire. This everyone agreed would be the prize ship of the Klingon Defense Force. With major contributors and several Tuqs' along with the WSC, Q'judj'Yas, his family and several Engineering Facilities began *Project Khitomer*.

Project Khitomer

About three quarters of the way into the project, a fast paced construction phase came to a screaming halt when the Engineers realized there was a problem with the structural integrity of the Hull of the ship. The engineers' reported back to the Lir WSC that it would have to either redesign the hull, or place a much thicker reinforcement to the hull in order to be able to sustain the stresses of space and weapons fire. After a few weeks of sitting silent in a covert ship yard, Q'judj'Yas and a small select team redesigned the hull using a Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double hull plus 25 cm High density armour. Once again the project took off again at a break neck pace. After several more months of extreme paced day and night working on the IKS Khitomer, a call came to Q'judj'Yas stating that he should return immediately to the shipyard. Upon arrival, he was greeted by the most profound site he had ever seen. The completed project of the IKS Khitomer. The single most Largest expense in Klingon history had just produced the largest and most well rounded Battleship ever to fly.

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