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Civillian Classes


Ship Type: Shuttlecraft [Civilian]
The Shuttlecraft is a vessel for the ordinary guy! Compact and maneuverable, this little gem is built for a crew of two, but can be easily piloted singlehanded. It is fuel efficient and inexpensive, the perfect combination for space travel on a budget.
Maximum MUSE Size: N/A
Maximum Speed: Warp 5
Maximum Acceleration: 1.0 c/second
Tritanium: N/A
Transtators: N/A
Retail Cost: 1 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets


Ship Type: Freighter [Civilian]
This high capacity cargo carrier is a must for any business which plans on trading commodities in large volumes. Moderately shielded for protection, and fuel efficent, the Freighter is large enough to provide crew amenities while carrying enough cargo to pay for itself.
Maximum MUSE Size: 40 Rooms
Maximum Speed: Warp 7
Maximum Acceleration: 0.7 c/second
Tritanium: 5000 Units
Transtators: 50000 Units
Retail Cost: 70 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets


Ship Type: Transport [Civilian]
When speed is at a premium, the only way to fly is on a Transport. Although lacking the capacity and fuel efficiency of other trading vessels, the Transport gets you to your next port of call as fast as possible. Great for high flying executives and value added traders.
Maximum MUSE Size: 20 Rooms
Maximum Speed: Warp 11
Maximum Acceleration: 3.0 c/second
Tritanium: 5000 Units
Transtators: 50000 Units
Retail Cost: 80 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets

Military Classes


Ship Type: Scout [Military]
Fast and light, the Scout class is designed to effortlessly cover distance. Armament is minimal, and main power is limited, but the the warp engines eat up the light years without eating up too much fuel. A great vessel for exploration, diplomatic missions, and intelligence work.
Maximum MUSE Size: 10 Rooms
Maximum Speed: Warp 13
Maximum Acceleration: 5.2 c/second
Tritanium: 8000 Units
Transtators: 100000 Units
Retail Cost: 100 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets


Ship Type: Destroyer [Military]
The Destroyer is a solid and dependable workhorse. Moderately armed, yet sporting a high powered shield grid, a Destroyer can hang around in a fight almost as long as other more heavily armed ships. Speed is not a problem, making the Destroyer an excellent choice for border patrols and exploration.
Maximum MUSE Size: 20 Rooms
Maximum Speed: Warp 11
Maximum Acceleration: 3.2 c/second
Tritanium: 12000 Units
Transtators: 200000 Units
Retail Cost: 140 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets


Ship Type: Cruiser [Military]
No navy would be complete without a Cruiser. Strongly armed, well shielded, and still surprisingly nimble, the Cruiser is the all around performer which every captain dreams of commanding.
Maximum MUSE Size: 35 Rooms
Maximum Speed: Warp 9
Maximum Acceleration: 1.7 c/second
Tritanium: 15000 Units
Transtators: 400000 Units
Retail Cost: 200 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets


Ship Type: Battleship [Military]
It's just not a war unless someone brings a Battleship! Armed to the teeth and built to the hilt, the Battleship makes interstellar combat seem like a stroll through the hills. What the Battleship gives up in speed and maneuverability, it more than makes up for in brute strength and awe inspiring defenses. No armada would be complete without one!
Maximum MUSE Size: 50 Rooms
Maximum Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Acceleration: 1.2 c/second
Tritanium: 24000 Units
Transtators: 800000 Units
Retail Cost: 280 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets

Fixed Installations


Ship Type: Outpost [Installation]
Smaller than a starbase, but much cheaper to build, Outposts are perfect for maintaining a presence in an area of space. An outpost's weapons are weaker than those of its' larger sibling, but they are still a formidable match for a hostile attacking fleet.
Maximum MUSE Size: 50 Rooms
Tritanium: 48000 Units
Transtators: 1600000 Units
Retail Cost: 560 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets


Ship Type: Starbase [Installation]
Incorporating a ten ship docking ring, repair center, fleet management system, and a truly awesome arsenal, the Starbase is your one-stop service station in space. Shields and weaponry are highly destructive, providing a solid planetary and fleet defense.
Maximum MUSE Size: 100 Rooms
Tritanium: 220000 Units
Transtators: 1600000 Units
Retail Cost: 2570 Megacredit/'uy'DeQmey/Chains/MegaFacets

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